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About Us

Company Overview


MediBang's goal is to use the internet to help people connect through art.

The birth of the internet has made it easy for people to share their art with other people.
Because of this, the gap between writers, artists, and their audience has never been smaller
than it is now.

With television and print media it's not always easy to get in contact with creators.
With the internet, creators and their fans can get in touch with one another more easily
than ever before.
Creators can easily share their work and viewers can easily access them.
On top of that, the internet has made easier for more people to share their art,
and allows people to find creators they wouldn't have ordinarily found.
Due to that the gap between creators and their audience has begun to close.

MediBang is aiming to bridge the gap between creators and their fans even more.
On MediBang users can quickly turn their comics into ebooks that people can
read in their browsers the moment they're uploaded.
Creators can also share those works on multiple social networks from MediBang.

MediBang hopes that this will help bridge the gap between users and bring creators
and their fans closer together.


Company Name MediBang Inc.
Established January 27th 2014
Capital Stock 100 million yen (as of December 31, 2020)
CEO Hideyuki Takashima
Location JMF Bldg. Shibuya 02 Level 2 31-15 Sakuragaoka-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, JAPAN


2019 April Increased capital by 120 million yen through third party allotment.
February MediBang Colors series reached a total of 1 million downloads.
2018 April Crowdfunding service specializing in manga with CAMPFIRE Inc. began.
MediBang Paint series reached a total of 20 million downloads.
2017 June MediBang entered into a partnership with MEDIA DO Co. Ltd.
JUMP PAINT by MediBang — the official Weekly Shonen Jump magazine's tool for creating manga — was released.
MediBang Colors for iOS was released.
January MediBang Colors for Android was released.
2016 December MediBang Paint series reached a total of 10 million downloads.
November Acquired novel submission service — STORIE.
May MediBang Paint series reached a total of 5 million downloads.
March Increased capital by 300 million yen through the allocation of new shares to a third party.
January Reader App - MediBang for Android was released.
The MediBang Partner ad revenue service began.
2015 November The MediBang Factory printing service began.
October Reader App - MediBang for iOS was released.
MediBang Paint series reached a total of 1 million downloads.
August MediBang Paint for iPhone was released.
July MediBang Paint Mini for Android was released.
MediBang Paint Tablet for iPad was released.
June CloudAlpaca became MediBang Paint Pro.
MediBang Paint Tablet for Android was released.
March MediBang Paint added 10 Japanese fonts from FontWorks.
January Users were able to begin selling their ebooks on Kindle, iBooks, and the Google Play store through MediBang. (Service ended in August 2017)
2014 December Increased capital by 240 million yen through the allocation of new shares to a third party.
Manganame, an app for sketching and laying out comics on smartphones was released.
November CloudAlpaca, a free program for creating comics and illustrating was released.
August Office was relocated to Shibuya Infoss Annex.
June MediBang began offering a free service for artists and writers to share their work online.
January MediBang was formed.