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[ART street Resources] 14 New MediBang Paint Brush!


MediBang Inc.

ART street素材

New brushes have been added to ART street Resources!
We have new additional cloud brushes you can use as MediBang Premium's special feature! Please try them out!

MB904341 Hydrangea leaves
MB904358 Hydrangea (Monochrome)
MB904359 Hydrangea leaves (Monochrome)
MB930131 Water Balloon (Color)
MB930132 Water Balloon (Monochrome)
MB930133 Water Balloon (Watercolor)
MB907581 Decoration Brush 1
MB907582 Decoration Brush 2
MB907583 Decoration Brush 3
MB930134 Japanese Lantern Y (Color)
MB930135 Japanese Lantern Y (Monochrome)
MB930136 Japanese Lantern Y (Watercolor)
MB909613 Blowing Bubbles U1
MB909614 Blowing Bubbles U2

Brush collections are also on sale!

Water Balloon Brush Sets
Decoration Brush Sets
Japanese Lantern Brush Y Sets
Blowing Bubbles U Brush Sets

Check it out!

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