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MediBangPaint, MediBang Colors, JUMPPAINT - Facebook login access announcement


Medibang Inc.

From 5:00 p.m. (JST) on Feb. 26th 2019, users cannot login MediBangPaint, MediBang Colors, JUMPPAINT by using facebook account temporary.
(On the other hand, users could still login medibang's website "" by their facebook account.)

We apologize for any inconvenience. Users who would like to login MediBang's application, should use mail address and passwords only.

【Password Setting】
In order to login with Facebook account successfully, users who use MediBangPaint should directly open the brower (either in Google Chrome or Safari) and access to MediBang's webisite for login.
Next, visit ''User Information Page'' and reset your password.

Access to User Information Page
・PC Version: Click ”User Info” button which set next to logout button (in gear shape) on MediBang website.
・Smart Phone Version: Click drop down menu from the upper right corner of MediBang website. Next, click "Settings" which set above "Manage Sales" button.

Any updated information will be announced by MediBang. We appreciate your support and understanding.