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  • Thank you for the advice! I hope we can be friends!

  • > Akio I draw my artwork in photoshop,my painting process : :)

  • Amazing! How do you draw this character?!


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Dragons-Lantern Festival

  • > CHI-NAI its ok. Can you send me the links on the painting prosses that you have?

  • > Akio sorry,I didn't save painting process in this one

  • Is there a step-by-step tutorial for this one?


Illustrations has been published.


  • What Instagram posts do you recommend for digital artists?

  • > Akio

  • > CHI-NAI are there any artists you recommend on yt?

  • Your welcome


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queen of Cheetah

  • > lefthandchi hehhehe, me too~ but I can't draw them as cute as yours~ LOL ^^

  • > Hayra96 haha~~I like animals~~

  • aawww... the little cheetah is so cute!!!