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I finished the first Ace attorney and I must admit It was unexpectedly great.
Yes it was a very long (especially that last case I just finished it, I've been doing it since yesterday and played all day T-T) I loved the characters, I ended up with a favorite character I expected to like..but i couldnt help it.
Gameplay was fun and I liked the twist in the cases, Especially since this was one of the few things i went into blind (like Promised Neverland..I was not expecting it to be so messed up..never getting over it)
Anyways, probably a new favorite game like Fire Emblem. Starting the 2nd one tomorrow, I reccomend if this is the kind of stuff you like, or you like things that are kinda character heavy.
Anyways I just needed to say this cause I have no other way to express my opinion, thanks for reading (and it didnt bug you ^^")

  • Congratulations 🎉🎉🎊🎊 for finishing the game 🤭

  • I like the game called" queen's choice 😍"

  • Sorry if some things dont make sense. Also I must comment the fact Edgeworth's life sucked and it just got crappier makes me sad, I'm sorry but it's TRUE >:(


Illustrations has been published.

Makoto Yuki

  • Thanks! and agreed

  • Awesome Job!

  • hot

  • No problem, Left!^^ and alot of my doodles are usually unfinished or messed up


I already made a post today but..

I had to comment on this, they finally dubbed the Persona 5 animation, and has all the episodes and 2 bonuses this time! (Cause on Hulu it never finished, just bad ending) the obvious issue is that FRICKEN PRICE. 298-398 dollars?!?!
I've been wanting this cause the P4 Dub was great but I have to pay that much to hear Joker actually speak?!
Just hoping it gets put up on a streaming platform..

  • I love Ren's voice but for real?!