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Senkumo War Stories: Book of Blossoming

Goodness gracious, it sure has been a while since I've been on here. Well, I come bearing some great news. Let's see. Approximately uhhh 10,000 or so years ago when I used to frequent Medibang more often, I posted a series called Death by Ex-Girlfriend. I also mentioned another series called Senkumo War Stories, which is sort of a prequel to DbEG. Well, Senkumo War Stories is almost finished. It's split into five books (whole thing is well over 100 chapters), and the first book, Book of Blossoming, IS PUBLISHED!

If you're a fan of DbEG and want to explore Tsukiakari's harsh backstory during the Sengoku era of Japan, you'll love this.
You can get the digital copy or the paperback on Amazon!

I'm also in the middle of building a website for all of my published works. It's in a very simple state right now, so check it out and let me know what you think.

I hope to be more active on here from now on. Thanks for your time and amazing readership. Also, if there are any artists around willing to draw book covers for the DbEG novels, please let me know! I hope to start releasing those as well, and some good cover art would really do those books justice.

Thanks, all.
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