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Double Trouble

  • Mmmmm he is a smexy boi uwu

  • > Thunderstar qwq Thanks! 💖

  • He is a queen

  • I know him, I call him lizard man :> This looks amazing btw! It’s not badddddd


My ocs are trash

I’m changing one of my ocs for the hundredth time cuz when I first made this character years ago I never really gave her a backstory I just designed her so ya. Bishes name is Crystal you can see what she originally looked like in my gallery.

(Also please someone give me advice of what to do with this oc, because this is my only character that changes so much)

  • I like her outfit

  • she hav skine wrists she also looks like some sort of madoka magica witch and i can’t get over that


Illustrations has been published.

Practicing lineless art

  • Gucci this is uwu

  • > 🌸Trash🌸 i gave your comment 420 likes

  • > egg I know and i don’t know how to feel about it

  • the blue bitch looks like lizzie from mmc just gonna say


Illustrations has been published.

Some trash doodle

  • > 🌸Trash🌸 you’re welcome

  • > egg Thank you child You scare me

  • > 🌸Trash🌸 i gave your comment 69👍



Illustrations has been published.

Friendo redraw-egg

  • i lov it it’s so cute owo

  • I redrew my friends drawing. Check her out!