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animal crossing sona

  • > torisu ah. thank you for the helpful tip!! hope you're doing well

  • > little.gh0st It is! You can definitely find what you’re looking for on there 👍🏼👌🏼

  • > torisu i really want the bunny and frog hats. my life would be complete. Nookazon is a trading app right?

  • > little.gh0st the hat is sold at ables sisters! but i didnt want to wait until it came to be sold at mine so i hunted for it (along with all the other animal caps) on nookazon lol

Multiple illustrations uploaded2



uhh topic?? im only doing this for that new achievement award lol
anyways uhh I have a new (and relatively long) bumbledee comic that I'm gonna be posting soooon :-)

  • > voidii aw thank yOU SM 🥺🥺💝💖 it definitely motivates me to work harder to make better content for you all to enjoy!!

  • i'm so hyped for the new comic hghhghg ;; your comics fr make my day

  • > torisu of course! i'm such a huge fan of your work, especially cabbage and chasing flies!!

  • > little.gh0st aahh!! wowowowo tysm! I didn't think anyone would respond to this 🥺🥺💝💖💟💗💕