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So...I have been gone a long time....

Hey I have been gone I long....long time and I’m so sorry I have. No if’s ands or buts about it I’ve been gone for a long time. But I want to be honest here and say that I miss every one of my friends here on Medibang...and I really really really wanna keep in touch with you guys😭
So...if you guys wanna find me....I am on discord or you can message me here and I can find another way to talk to y’all
Via email or something
I don’t mind I promise. I can be a little more open about my self too
I just want to keep talkin...
I was kicked from y’all’s discord for inactivity....but I bones about life sucks...I but I’m not going to blame my inactivity on that. I could have and should have made time for all of you and that is as simple as that...I have no other way of saying it... I miss you all and love you all.....if I am still allowed to ask for anything from any of you it’s this simple.....
I want a second chance.....please...


  • Hey idk if you still check this, it's been a while, but you don't need to apologize for doing necessary life things! We still love you and completely understand :) If you wanna talk, you know where to find me, but just know that you have done absolutely nothing wrong by being busy.. ily man and nothing is going to change that💚💙

  • > Mr. Wolffe_312_doggo#6745

  • > Mr. I don’t have my computer set back up after the swim meet gimme a bit and I will send it to you

  • > Wolffe_tdf no problem! mind mine too may i have your discord user, though? and the tag next to it to send you a friend request?