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イラストを投稿 (new illustrations)

Hello all! It's officially spring now.
I updated new illustration.
"Cherry blossoms and Neige🌸"
Please do have a look.
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  • 鈴木イチ / Ichi.S
    > Sorasama
    Thank you always for your warm comments. The cherry blossoms are at their best late March. Come to Japan again, yeah?
  • 鈴木イチ / Ichi.S
    > Dandalion
    Thanks for your comment. I hope you might be able to go to Cherry Blossom Festival some day. I like pink flowers, too!
  • Sorasama
    The drawing is wonderful as always Ichi! Also unfortunately I didn't get to see the hanami when I went to Japan last year, we were way to late to witness this beautiful spectacle. Hopefully I'll go back to Japan in the future, I really want to see these cherry blossoms ^o^
  • Dandalion T.
    I have always wanted to go to the cherry blossom festival.