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Jump Plus Contest

I was trying to finish my manga for the contest but seems like i will not be able to participate since I haven't finished it yet

to me 2016 was a year of hope and awesome things but around new year dad got sick and he stayed in the hospital for a month until he died in the ICU on 4 Feb 2016 and 41 days has passed already .. dad was my everything my beloved father.. my support... the only one who will ever call me lady.. and the safest place i will ever have.. I graduated from university on 5 jan 2016 I was excited to make him see my certification but he was in a coma and died ..

I know this is personal but I just wanted to say I really wanted to participate in the contest but life doesn't go as you wish my dad death and my health and also my mom's health made me unable to work but I will be sure to post it here I wish for people to enjoy my work right I am one of those millions but one day I will be a one of a kind :) until then I will work hard to climb those stairs !

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