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Short Shoujo Submission!


I took a 5 day break from Artisan Alley, and did this in a heated frenzy for no reason at all that I can justify except that I just wanted to do it and be able to post something.
I used Shinji and Kaylah (aged down) for the designs. The story, tho, is actually 2 years old. I did a little revising but I storyboarded it one night just for fun. I have a lot of little one offs like that that I just never get to do so I am glad I got the chance and the energy this time to do one. I've been doing Artisan Alley for 8 months hahaha, so I needed to do something lighthearted I think!
It's not that good, seriously, and I am not sure about posting it but I did, and although it was just for fun, I welcome feedback. So, enjoy!
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  • Nass
    > Abyssal Yoma
    Omg that cracked me up!!! It could totally be a wrestling move...
  • Abyssal Yoma
    Haha! I saw the title of this post again, and my brain parsed it as a wrestling move. The "Short Shoujo Submission" and I had this mental image of a schoolgirl putting a big wrestler in a hold, making them cry for mercy. Ah, the glory of finding things way too funny late at night...