I like Bakuman a little too much, and now I take manga too seriously. Isn't life amazing?

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Okay so I contemplated even putting this here, but it's just some more sketches of Shinji, Kaylah and Eli. I'm getting into their designs, trying to memorize and familiarize myself with them. I haven't been doing illustrations really, but I'm starting this week for my inking practice, so expect some finished pieces with a lot more atmosphere and personality! With this, I'm done sketch dumping!
It wouldn't have been this many except I've been saving them for two weeks. These are my favorites, but they aren't all the ones I've done!
Actually, I have five more I want to share but I can only post four on a myspace, so I picked one that's a little more choreographed to post as an illustration (I will not make a fourth post just for one picture!) if by some miracle you wanted to see the millionth picture of these three.
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  • Abyssal Yoma
    1st sketch is good all around, the character looks consistent in the poses and the profile one is quite nice, nothing looks out of place to me anyway. Obviously the second one isn't as polished, so there's that, but to me the neck on Shinji looks a little serpentine. I think it's the left part of his neck being ever so slightly too parallel with the right side. I really like the third one. The posing is well done and gives the characters life. Nothing criticism worthy that I can spot looking at it. And then the fourth one has great perspective on everything but perhaps Eli's left arm. It could just be that her hand is blocking the otherwise line-work for the foreshortening on the arm, just giving the impression that it's wider than it is. If that's the case, then I'd say it's just a little unflattering of a shot and nothing more. The guy in the front also has a nice bit of fish-eye perspective(I think?) on him, which isn't that easy to do well.
  • MortalMangaka