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Autumn Chai

  • > Abyssal Yoma Hahaha that made me laugh- I must be brave cuz that's how I open coffee lol Thank you so much for the feedback! I'm glad you found so much positive to appreciate tr e in this one!

  • Well it might be out of season now, but I'm always down for fall! The layered effects on the background and such look good, there's a lot of texture to look at over the empty space. And I don't know if it was intended, but it kinda looks like the bg is a low angled shot of a tree lined path imposed over the character, which does bring to mind the classic scenes that autumn stuff is set it. As for the char, I kinda like how you did the dark green of the scarf with small hatches instead of a more solid color line, it makes it look more "woven" I guess. Also, they're brave to open a hot cup like that.



I contemplated a lot about whether to even announce this here, but I figured I may as well!
December 7th, Monday, at 9AM Pacific Standard Time I will be launching a small online shop to sell some stickers, buttons, keychains and prints, to bring in a little income. I've been posting like crazy on my instagram and twitter about it, both @nassinthesky if you wanna check me out on those websites.
I can't add very many pictures, but here are a few of the products I'll be selling. Everything is bubble, star-filled and cute, so if you're interested in supporting my work and getting some really adorable products, please check it out! Thanks! ★
(New manga coming soon!)

  • > Abyssal WOAH!!! That's awesome!! I didn't realize one of the orders was you!! Thank you so much, I'm so glad it arrived safely!! Yes I love stars and I went all out hahaha sorry I'm just now seeing this but thank you so much!!

  • Reporting in that the delivery drivers decided against extreme off-roading or high impact tennis with the package, so the order arrived intact! Considering they were prints, I'd say that's pretty good. But yeah, just letting you know they made it and look good, I'll just need a way to frame them somewhere. So many stars and flowers everywhere!

  • > Abyssal Haha, well I'm happy to support you! You're working hard and are producing something you love so it's awesome to see and be close to it! Thank you for your support as well! Youve been the same for me- no worries about advertising or anything, I figured I'd just let whoever's would see it on here know! And yes I definitely still do want to- that's awesome how much progress you've made!! I'll message you!

  • Also, I'm sending this message here where you'll more likely see it, with the site layout change. I'm putting the finishing touches onto my first chapter draft now. The writing is done, and there's just some insert art to do which will hopefully be done within the week. If you're still interested in being an early reader for it, feel free to send me a message the normal way on here, with whatever gmail account you're comfortable using, so I can bring you into the google doc for it. Other than that, let's both keep working away on our projects, there's much to be done!