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Update- Page 36/56

WIP- The sketched version of my most recent page! I'm working at about 4-6 pages a day, so hopefully the sketching will be done by next week! I went on a ten day vacation, so that ruined my timeframe, but it'll be done soon I hope!

I keep trying for action sequences in Volume Zero, but this one is a lot moreso, and it's HARD. Mad respect, shonen people. But that's what this snippet's from. I'm excited to upload the whole thing!
It's turning out, so far, way better than my other oneshots. (I don't know if this page proves that or not, though... =_=')

  • > Brojack ^w^ Yes! I'll power through to the end!

  • > 汀雪村 All this has got me even more excited for the next version of volume zero! Keep up the good work!

  • > Brojack Yes, seriously! And you have to make it so dynamic and eye catching, it ends up taking the most space trying to let the scene breathe properly. And I'm not particularly adept at guiding the eye, so it can become a jumbled mess but I won't even realize cuz I know what's going on! Hahaha, well I think it's a pretty cool mechanic! And hopefully I can convey a satisfying explanation for it without info dumping...

  • Looking pretty good! Action scenes are definitely what I find the hardest, too. They're a lot more time-consuming that anything else, and there's so much pressure to get them right! This is looking cool, though! Starting to get real curious about what that screw in Allion's head is all about.

Allion and Hinata- More sketches

More practices! It's not worth it to make them all illustrations so I'll put em here! ^w^
(One I already posted but this one's better quality)

  • Haha no I have a series of ballpoint pens of varying thickness which are good enough for me! Your backgrounds have always been really strong, so even if you don't enjoy drawing them all that much (I'm not a fan of drawing them either). Wow, that's a shame about your laptop, I know how you must feel cause I'd be totally screwed without mine! As for the writing in this latest one-shot... some of the characters are definitely underdeveloped, the ending is too abrupt, and the core themes become less involved the further on you get in - it's unfortunately a lot of stuff I think I could've fixed were it not for that pesky page limit, but a weakness is a weakness anyway. Let me know what you think!

  • Haha no I have a series of ballpoint pens of varying thickness which are good enough for me! Your backgrounds have always been really strong, so even if you don't enjoy drawing them all that much (I'm not a fan of drawing them either). Wow, that's a shame about your laptop, I know how you must feel cause I'd be totally screwed without mine! As for the writing in this latest one-shot... some of the characters are definitely underdeveloped, the ending is too abrupt, and the core themes become less involved the further on you get in - it's unfortunately a lot of stuff I think I could've fixed were it not for that pesky page limit, but a weakness is a weakness anyway. Let me know what you think!

  • I guess for screentone I'll have to experiment. I wasn't good at it traditionally, either, so I'm just a plain old beginner in every sense. From the ground up, I can build my own method of using them. My laptop died on me, so I have to download everything on my family computer for the time being to use any drawing programs, and I haven't practiced at all. I should start doing that hahaha I'm curious- why do you think the writing in your next one is weak this time? Was it just hard to come up with ideas, or...?

  • Yeah I used a light table for Dreamer. It turned out pretty well since the structure of real life- photographs are layered, consistent, and well... Realistic. Even if I have no clue what I'm tracing, by default it'll look good. But since I wanted my lines to be clean and shadowed in the right place, I had a hard time when I was tracing a shape that I didn't know what it was supposed to be. And I couldn't manipulate backgrounds I didn't understand to give them more specific life and personality. I forced myself to learn perspective, and although I have to kind of get back to a more detailed place in my backgrounds, I think that they work better when I create them myself. I hate backgrounds. But it's fun... A weird relationship with what probably is my greatest strength in creating manga. (It's what everyone comments on.)

Working on Character Design

I've got a new main character, and he passed the silhouette test of my family but just in case I'm posting it here.
For those who might comment, what do you think? Is it a distinctive silhouette?
(I included the sketches too, but I don't know if that defeats the purpose or anything.)
Both are him, but one is more focused on elementary shapes and the other is focused on realistically drawing him.

  • > 汀雪村 No, ni fue ofensivo. Me agrada mas que un extranjero hable o trate de hablar en español como yo. Si, tal vez es bueno comunicarnos con nosotros.

  • > 汀雪村 Haha well enthusiasm is good! I'm looking forward to seeing the full story!

  • > Brojack YAY!!!! IM SO HAPPY! Thank you a lot!!!!!! Oh man, you don't even know. I have it written, ready to storyboard, and I can't wait to reveal everything... I'm so stinking excited about this!!!! Okay, yes, thank you!! A lot!!!! Yes!

  • > P.F.P.R. I'm sorry if it's so bad you can't understand! I want to communicate better with you, so I hope it wasn't offensive!

What is a protagonist?

I thought a lot about this- and it occurred to me.
They talk about "eager" and "earnest" and "determined."
This is true. But there's something about the main characters of Jump manga. It's not just ambition. They have drive, and force, sure. But so did Hibiki. A quiet, internalized force.
But he doesn't have confidence that pushes outward. MC's almost push out the reader entirely at first by reacting with actions- we're left to figure out why they do what they do- what makes them tick. We often don't get shown tons of thoughts or preaching on their viewpoint (backstory is different.) We have to figure it out through flashback, through throw away lines of dialogue, and through what they do, an what expression they have when they do it. This is almost all of the fun of the first encounter with them.

They drive the plot by reacting outward- whatever internalizing they do can be shown or not, but they choose how to react in a very physical way, unlike shoujo where it's very "sit still until something bad happens and you work up the courage to scream something at them", and it moves the story forward. They yell at the enemy what is really important- they run forward almost brashly. Even the team they've cobbled together is screaming "DON'T!!! COME BACK!! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!!"

But my main characters don't. Hibiki is very reactionary- in an emotional way. People yell at him and he reacts to their words on the inside, but he has few moments of force. His conviction is quiet, so it doesn't impact the story. In the setting I've made it's too realistic- one person can't impact much of the plot. It's more slice-of-life because it shows a back and forth of dialogue and emotion discovering, which is enough to make a story but not enough to make a Shonen.

True main characters push and pull the plot. It speeds up with their confidence because they do what they feel is right without a doubt about it, and their actions have consequences to the people around them. It's tangible that way. Then, the story slows to a crushing halt when they have a moment of doubt 200 chapters in. "Why am I doing this again?" "Did I lose the goal I thought I had?" "What will I do after this?" "Do I remember what's truly right?"
This is much more impactful. But a main character needs to come with a solid set of beliefs that drive him. His goal should be tied in that, and his actions should further that goal and decimate the obstacles to that goal. Gon Freecs believes deeply in the pursuit of strength and fun, and through that he wants to find his father. Ensue chaos. Often this materializes as wanting to be something that embodies their passion and beliefs. Hunter: Fighting; strength; curiosity... Mangaka: Entertainment; hard work; guts... God of the New World: Purity; pride; mind games...
Even "weak" protagonists who start out with essentially no strength are like this. Hello? My man Midoriya? His inner conviction and confidence in his beliefs- that of a hero born of sheer will- drove that story to the moon and back.
Seeing a character with such a deep rooted set of beliefs, with unshakable confidence in them and a goal that is furthered by the pursuit of those beliefs, succeed is so satisfying, and so much more heartbreaking when that confidence shatters for a moment an he has to find those convictions again through the bleak reminder of cruelty, and the power of friendship.

I hope to create a character that can do this, and more. There are infinite sets of beliefs and things to do in this world- and the small amount of manga made till now have not tapped out that potential. It's a classic formula, but it is not tired. It begs to be reinvented, and I want to pursue that in these international contests.

  • We're all friends and rivals, pushing each other to do better! Thinking of that makes me automatically want to start working on my next project! ~(o_o)~ And then I reread comments like that and realize I've read Bakuman one too many times... Hahaha

  • > Brojack I think it's good to save the series you really want to see until you're ready. All of the work I'm doing now is to get to a skill level I'm happy with, an then start work on my "masterpeice" which I've been working on for five years. But I haven't felt ready. Well, thank you! Maybe after I finish this particular story board I could post it for you to read? I really hate relying on instinct to make something others will understand, and I don't have anyone who really reads manga to review before I start drawing. My family does help but it'd be the nicest thing ever to finally have someone with experience. To be honest, I've even thought about posting ads online for it because I think it's so important hahaha- but only if you want! And of course, I'd do the same for you if you ever wanted. You know, it's really, really awesome to have people to talk to about manga and get help with things... I agree that we're all in the same boat and should help each other! ^w^

  • > 汀雪村 I know exactly what you mean about really wanting to see a certain series get made. I'd love to revamp Dragonex and Silver Cross, but I'm gonna get back to those when I feel ready for it. But there's no one correct way to go about being a manga artist, so just do what you feel is right! I wouldn't mind taking a look at your other storyboards, but I'm probably not the best person for it, since I have very little experience with slice of life and shôjo. And I probably don't know as much as you think! As far as I'm concerned, we're all in the same boat here, and should help each other out the best we can.

  • > Brojack Thank you! ^w^ Yeah, this version will have a tone shift, too! And actually, I really agree about creating a new story every time! I specifically have been wanting to do Volume Zero since I want to do a series, but to be honest, all of my other story boards are slice of life, shoujo and comedy. I really want to draw them, and I plan to, but Volume Zero has a lot of potential, speaking strictly about the idea of the heart emitting WAVES. Someday, I want to do it justice. That's the biggest reason why I'm doing it this way. But you're right, and I should draw out my other storyboards. If I do I might create something more complete and interesting. Hearing that is a good reminder to not be stuck doing one thing as a beginner. Thank you! I should try a lot of different themes... You have a lot of knowledge about storywriting- you give me good advice all the time. I will be here, too, for whatever you create next! ^w^

What Can I Fix?

Alright, so the deadline was extended, and since I also want to make a series out of volume zero I was wondering if there's anything wrong with it that stops you from being interested. I have some ideas already but I really want to know from a different perspective. I'm obviously an amateur, and my work is not popular here. So let me know what I can work on! Please! ^w^
Thank you!

  • > Jun-chan I DIDNT SEE THIS AAA Screentones. Good idea! Alright. Yes. Good. Screentone... *falls over* I'll at least do some on people's hair and clothes.

  • Hm, I guess you could edit some of the stuff you couldn't do in time, like drawing some more backgrounds? Or adding some screentones? Maybe try drawing another cover since you said you aren't satisfied with your current versions? Or just take a step back and be proud on what you've done hahaha

  • *desperate* I'll sweeten the pot. I'll in-depth comment on your work, too! ... -_-'''

  • Ps, I know I can't fix bigger things for this contest, but any critique at all would help!


I don't know which. I am not the biggest fan of either but this is my skill level so...

  • > Jun-chan thank you! I'm scanning all the pages now (for the third time- why is this so hard?!) and I'm going to use the first one! Thank you a lot! And it's okay hahaha I understand getting sick very well! lol Can't wait to be DONE! I have a mantra- "If someone was paying you eight thousand dollars how hard would you work?" That's what's getting me through this. haha

  • Your drawing skills have improved so much omg???? Both are amazing, but personally I like the first one better! (Oh yeah I might answer your message later, I just got sick during the holidays so I wasn't much on the internet hahaha)

Note to self

Tiger Square Alpha

Topic: Favorites to win for the english language

  • Ganbarimasu!

  • > Naru Lin Thank you! And hearing how hard you worked on your manga made me feel better. I'm not alone! It's nice to know you did the same thing! :D

  • > 汀雪村 Whoa D: I feel you! I worked on KKD 10 or more hours a day and.... I know what you mean. So... Ganbatte!! (>3<)/ I wish you the best of luck!!

  • > Naru Lin lol well i mean it hahahaha now time for me to go back to drawing! I take a lot longer than others to finish. That's not good hahahaha Wanna know how much work I have? I draw for 8 to 12 hours a day and I still have twenty pages, then finishing touches, and then I need to scan it in. I'm even doing screentone digitally for the first time since I have no money and that gives you an idea of how far behind I am! Ten days. Wish me luck. I won't be sleeping. T~T

Backgrounds sucked the life out of me

It has issues and isn't done because it's not inked- so the windows and small details don't need to be drawn in yet. But the bigger problem here is that I literally can't draw the next panel. I know what it's supposed to be- I have the name right here in front of me but it feels wrong. This background took all the creativity I have left. Just gonna submit this picture uninked to the contest >_>

  • > 汀雪村 Hahahahahahah! Don't worry!! Hahahaha! This thing is so funny!! Hahahaha! And I really thank you again for all those compliments >3< I'm still admiring your drawing and.. wow i'ts really amazing... I don't know how much time it would take me

  • > Naru Lin LMAO I'm so bad with names I literally forgot who you were and I went to reread Dreammaker and I was like "Wait I knew this person!" I responded to your comments here thinking I didn't know you hhahahahaha I'm sorry! If I had remembered I would've said "You seriously put detail in your backgrounds and, most importantly, your characters fit so well in them it doesn't feel separate or awkward at all! There's a real cohesiveness to your backgrounds! So I think you really know how it feels to draw something and be like 'How do I even continue!' Hahahaha" Sorry omg I am so bad with names! I should've recognized your icon or something lol

  • > Naru Lin Thank you so much! I'm glad someone feels my pain hahahaha :D I'm happy this panel will be successful, at least. lol

  • > 汀雪村 Really, I've never drawn such a difficult background... I feel you when you say that it sucked the life out of you D: Well done!!

Drawing Manga

Thoughts while drawing:
"Wow, that figure drawing class would've helped about now."
"Wow, that still life class would've helped about now."
"WoWW, that landscaping class would've helped about now!"
"WOW, that photography class would've helped about now!!!"
"WOOOOWIE, that architecture class would've helped about now!!!"
"-sobbing- Why do mangaka need to be good at EVERYTHING? Drawing anime busts in seventh grade didn't prepare me at all!!!!"

  • > 汀雪村 I'm 20 and all i know is that it'll get harder before it gets easier.. XD Practice makes perfect X3

  • > OsamuraiTenshi Thank you a lot! ^w^ I'm almost 17, so I have a lot of time left before I can say anything's hopeless. I'll always keep practicing! Backgrounds get me, too, there's just so many different elements to it! But I won't give it up ever- it's so much fun Thank you! ^w^ Good luck with your backgrounds!

  • nobody is good at everything, at least not while they are young (i don't know how old you are, but i assume you're not 50 XD) so just keep at it and you'll get better. I suck at backgrounds, but i keep it up (even though it's a bit depressing sometimes lol) good luck with your manga ^^

  • > Bartje Word. I love that series to death. Note. *chuckles to self*


I went ice skating (yes I have time for that apparently >.>'''''') and I FELL!!!! I sprained my arm, and I couldn't use a ruler or erase (I could draw but none of the other important parts of manga!!) For a couple days I thought I might need to postpone my manga, which potentially means not making it in time, given how behind I am. (But still ice skating somehow. -`~`-) But now I'm well enough to keep drawing, and I'm ignoring any pain so I can get it done! I WILL FINISH I SWEAR TO GOSH I-

  • > 汀雪村 I'm now regretting what I said... XD

  • > bexsepticeye- Hahahaha- omg. Yeah I can just think about Yuri slamming his face on the rink wall. HE OVERCAME IT!!! Hahahahaha

  • > Jun-chan Thank you- it's one of my greatest fears too, and I got fortunate enough that it wasn't my left hand but now I'm super cautious. I'll try not to overdo it- thank you a lot! ^w^

  • Hope you get better soon and don't overdo it. Think about Yuri and Victor, they'll make you feel better.

The Sketching Phase

Why am I doing individual leaves?! That's too much detail for a manga!!! Calm down! (It's taking forever anyways!!)
I spent so much time on this picture just to tell everyone I'm drawing leaves... The height of social interaction, everyone. -_-' But it's fun, so how can I stop? Hahaha
Although when I ink, hopefully it won't take this long...
(Don't I know that holding the picture up looks so weird? But I'm using a webcam so I have no choice! Agh! Hahaha)

  • > Daphnesorous Thank you! Yeah I think it'll go faster when I ink it- after I finished it I got really excited to see the final version and I'm stopping myself from jumping to far ahead! Hahaha Thank you again!

  • This looks great so far! Inking stuff generally doesn't take as long since it's kinda like tracing! But I guess it just depends, on the detailing and person

  • > 汀雪村 Wow, thank a lot! It's still just character design and plotting but at least I'm getting somewhere. School is literally Heaven... (I'm a Satanist so heaven is basically my worst nightmare XD). Sadly I ain't gonna be posting it on Medibang cause I don't wanna do it digital. Thanks again and have a good time designing! <3. I'll make sure to keep you and everyone else updated!

  • > bexsepticeye- Thank you so much! I'll work hard! School gets in the way a lot, doesn't it? *sigh* I wish we had all the time in the world. But that's so awesome you're doing a comic!! Good luck with it- if you post it I can't wait to see it! -^w^- <3


What is the difference between "favorites" and "likes"??? Is favoriting something private? Are people shy about liking stuff? I see more favorites than likes a lot of the time! I wonder why...

  • > Meowgene Ohhhh- that makes a lot of sense!! Thank you a lot! Now I'm really happy people are favoriting some of my art- I can't believe they want to view it again!!! *dances* Thank you again!

  • I’m about to say the difference is the spelling ^_^ But base on my observation favorite acts like a playlist where you can view the the art again anytime you want. For likes it’s for the things that you “LIKE” or give someone a thumbs up letting them know you like it without having to comment. I rarely use like because I always use an android tablet and uses the Medibang paint app to view submitted arts and that app only have a favorite button so no likes for me well except if I'm on the desktop

Manga Contest!

I am so excited! I finished my storyboards last night for this manga, and I can't believe I fit it into 49 pages! Now to edit hahahaha
Drawing my feelings helped!
(The bubbles are just me whining! "This is really more of a serial-type manga... And I'm cutting it so close! Will I lose because of that? I want to make something good! Isn't this a bad end? How do I fix that? I'm out of pages! It's no use! The only thing I can do now is draw! I may die of anxiety!"- Not that anyone wanted to know my whining! Hahahahah)

  • > moonmin-chan Yeah, I agree! I end up with some hilarious pictures, too

  • > 汀雪村 Haha.Not sure about that. but I really appreciate your good feedback! XD Yeah, Im using Intous Art, and its really killing me everytime I have to switch my view just to make sure Im putting that pen on the right side of the screen. Its quite funny though... :D

  • > moonmin-chan Yes we will! ^W^ I saw your art, and I think your humans are pretty fanastic! I love how clean your lines are! See, I use an intuos tablet, but it's hard when you have to draw in one place and look in another! I have horrible depth perception so I can't really control what ends up where! Q~Q

  • > 汀雪村 yeah well...we just have to hard for it then! XD XD XD My humans still sucks but I got some pretty neat doodles.. :3