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Teru: a Comic?

Dear readers,

I thought I'd update you guys with a new project I'm working on.

It'll be another one shot that I was originally hoping to submit for a contest but life got in the way and I didn't have any time for it OTL So now, it's just a project for fun. It's a short story that's been circling in my head for over a year! I have it all written out and about half of the first draft done. With my current schedule, it'll take me a few months to finish it, but once it's done, I'll make sure to post it here (if anyone is interested, haha)

The title is TERU


Synopsis: Raining... again.
Aira was bored out of her mind, staying indoors all week, when she meets a mysterious boy standing out in the rain. Teru has a friendly personality but a sad smile. What's giving him such an expression? Curious, Aira spends the day with Teru, exploring all the good things about the rain. But Teru has a secret that shatters Aira's reality...

Yeah. That's it for now, lol. I'm considering posting a few pages at a time on Tapastic or something, but it's supposed to be a oneshot so idk. Tell me your opinion! Should I post pages as I finish them elsewhere? Or is it just better to wait and finish it all before posting it here (I mean, either way I'll post it here, I guess.. but yeah)?

BTW, thank you for all the support I received in my last oneshot. I was pleasantly surprised by all the warm comments. Sorry I haven't answered to all of them (I hardly log on here OTL) But I read and appreciate all of them♥

Thanks for reading! Have a wonderful day!

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