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school doodle :]

  • > ๐ŸŽƒGhostTheBeast๐ŸŽƒ it was! i was also wondering if there was a way to merge layers? if you know anything about that i would love to know

  • > Smoking Cat it was based off of an orange worm on a string. thank you :)

  • it looks like its drawn on chrome canvas

  • kinda looks like a worm on a string. (not a bad thing) I really like the way you drew the fur here.


Illustrations has been published.

Redraw (paper addition)

  • > Cassia np! you should keep up with the work, it truly does look great!

  • > โ™ฅ puppii โ™ฅ thank you sm! it really does motivate me to keep drawing when i get comments like this so ty ^^

  • the improvement is astronomical !! i remember seeing your art a year ish ago and thinking it was so good, look at where you are now :0 you will never fail to impress ^^

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