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  • >OnionRoleplay :) hai sorry for responding late. idk i just feel like a copy of everything. and my art just looks weird and like i just kind of threw it together in a few minutes

  • Idk i suck at advice. What is it you dont like about your art?

  • I guess try to find some artists with interesting styles and find little details that you like that you can apply to your style. For this drawing in particular I suggest finding a few main colors ( like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and sticking with them. Like say your 3 colors are orange, yellow, and blue, you could only use variations of those three colors. You could also stick with either desaturated colors or very saturated colors. I honestly don’t know, I just kinda go crazy and see what looks good.

  • > 🍡HoneyFlavored_Mochii 🍡 yeah, theirs some different stuff about it. Its almost the same just for different computers.