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school doodle :]

  • > 🎃GhostTheBeast🎃 it was! i was also wondering if there was a way to merge layers? if you know anything about that i would love to know

  • > Smoking Cat it was based off of an orange worm on a string. thank you :)

  • it looks like its drawn on chrome canvas

  • kinda looks like a worm on a string. (not a bad thing) I really like the way you drew the fur here.


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Redraw (paper addition)

  • > Cassia np! you should keep up with the work, it truly does look great!

  • > ♥ puppii ♥ thank you sm! it really does motivate me to keep drawing when i get comments like this so ty ^^

  • the improvement is astronomical !! i remember seeing your art a year ish ago and thinking it was so good, look at where you are now :0 you will never fail to impress ^^

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another request

  • > -DragonArt- Thank you so much! ^^

  • Wow! Your art style is so unique I LOVE it! :D


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even more filler

  • I love the wholesomeness in this chat and art ;w;

  • > Faven Np! Your art so genuinely inspiring I can’t help myself but to compliment you :D

  • > ↡𝕃𝕦𝕞𝕓𝕣𝕁𝕒𝕔𝕜↡ you have no idea how much your complements mean, especially coming from you, thank you so much ;v;

  • gimme that filler I’ll eat that art up The talent is ✨a s t r o n o m i c a l✨ But rlly tho I love your art sm it’s so unique and inspiring oml

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baby art dump

  • > Faven So this will sound weird… may I adopt the swap croco?? I love their design so much! If not then it’s okay! I totally understand

  • ahhh, i freaking love all of these your so goodddd <3 love the lesbianosaur :0

  • homo

  • Lesbian o’ saurus

Multiple illustrations uploaded4


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  • > Idk ;-; thank you, i do think i have some sort of problem though, this is all i draw besides wof at this point


  • I really just want to draw as much fanart as you at this point ;w;. Plus you make a lot of AMAZING A R T AAAA.


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  • Aww heck yeah!! I love it so much!!

  • thanks Mossy! i changed her design up a tiny bit, hope that's okay


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  • > Faven Oop- TwT

  • > cat on ø haha, I SURE HOPE I DON'T cries in too poor to buy a revive token

  • > Faven Woah- you better not die lol

  • > cat on ø It was more of a lucky find and click, I was nested by one ;)


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  • I- I- this is amazing

  • > IvBean f l a v o r f u l

  • > Faven s p i c y

  • > IvBean h o t


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payment 1 for Cy

  • > cy thank you so much ;w;

  • W O A H - THATS AMAZING AAAAA I LOVE IT TYSM!! that lighting is crazy good,,


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wip dump :/

  • > Onionroleplay :/ m m m y e s

  • > 🪶⭒⬫DawnFeathers⬫⭒🪶 m i n a w i i

  • > Onionroleplay :/ minawii? minawii. m i n a w i i

  • I saw the one with the mushrooms and I was like, "Minawii?" Then I was like, "No, u dum. That is not Minawii." I love them all 😳

Multiple illustrations uploaded4


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adopt #1 for Sleepyxx

  • > DawnFeathers It looks so coo!! as soon as I get out of school imma draw it :>

  • i forgot to add that you can change up the design as much as you want c:

  • > Sleepyxx i'm glad you like it! i was a bit nervous about the yellow

  • oOooo~