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🎉Happy birthday Sleepyxx!!!(read the description)

  • Aaa it looks awesome!! ALSO HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLEEEPPYYY!!!!!

  • Ohhh Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!! SLEEEEPPPPYYYY!!!!! [WOOOOOO] 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏 👏

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY SLEEPY!!! YOU ARE AMAZING AND THANK YOU FOR BEING OUR FRIEND!! Happy birthday from Mossy! (Also, welcome to Hogwarts, second term! Cheers from Hufflepuff!)

  • Happy bday Sleepy!!:D I just got home from school so I’m late but whatever


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taking 3 dragon requests (anything dragon-like)

  • > FrostyFeathers🦢 Lol can i do it too? Now i wsnt to do it... :0

  • > Onionroleplay :/ sounds fun! i'll get it done as soon as i can

  • A hydra with each head being a different element? If its too complicated, then let someone else have the last request!

  • > Moon wolf absolutely!


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redraw! 4 month difference :0

  • Wow! You've improved so much!

  • this is so cool! It's amazing how much you've improved!! ^w^

  • > Onionroleplay :/ I have an entire library of insults that I can use in case I need to. Also I'm glad I could make you laugh :D

  • > FrostyFeathers🦢 Omg i have never heard of that type of person but that was hilarious!!!! Also, yw!

Multiple illustrations uploaded2


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potential new main?

  • Very cute!

  • he/she is soo Adorable!!✨💕💖 :000

  • > Sleepyxx aw, ty sleepy :3

  • Woah they are so cute!! Aww <3


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Please read the desc for the link to sleepy's acc!

  • > Neøn-Øasis aww ty Neon <3 I'm experimenting a lil bit so who knows, maybe this will be my new style! :3

  • OMG IF THIS IS YOUR NEW STYLE ITS SO CUTE <33333333333!!!!!!!

  • and the drawing is adorable oml-

  • thank you so much guys! it means a lot to me ;w;


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any advice for improving my art?

  • First of all, your art is amazing! Second of all, please don’t take this as me hating you- I’m just tryna help you improve with constructive criticism. One of the most major things that helped me improve is going way out of your boundaries, experimenting as much as possible. Another thing that helped was taking aspects of a few other people’s art that I look up to, like the way they do lineart or how they draw the eyes, then mash them together and experiment with thing I think you could improve is the shapes of things like the face, legal, tail, etc. instead of a curve, you could add more definition. Sorry if this is bad advice ;-;

  • Im bad at advice. But I always thought my linework was crap, so i did lineless. That was cool, until i got too lazy. So now i do colored linework because i didnt like how harsh the lines were. So i guess i took what i didnt like and changed it, or in my case, got rid of it. Idk. That may not be he advice u were looking for tho.

  • Try a new media. Once I started doing digital art I noticed that I was improving waaaaaayyyyy faster. Or try to find a new art community or just finds some more people to get a different perspective Idk for some reason starting to post on medibang made me improve somehow :/ Yea that’s all I got but if you want less vague advice I can give you that

  • The only god advice I can give atm is don't be lazy and procrastinate on trying something new.


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soooommmeee adopts :D

  • Is 3 still up for adopt? ;w; Can I adopt em if so?-

  • 1 2 3 and 10 are available!

  • > Onionroleplay :/ also sorry for such a late response, everything's been pretty hectic lately. absolutely to you as well!

  • > Hornet the Hivewing so sorry for the late reply, absolutely!!


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Adopt for... someone? Read desc please

  • Aww looks cute!

  • >cat on ø It's up to you! And glad you love them

  • well.. TYSM!!!!✨💖 i LOVE him/her!!!💕✨💖 :000 also i have a question is it a she or he?? .w.

  • >cat on ø thankyouu for commenting ;w; so sorry I lost it


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What should I do?(put your answer in the comments)

  • Can you please do emoji adopts!

  • thank you guys for the input, hopefully I can get to all of these at some point!

  • Emoji adopts or a contest, maybe to create a sona of some sort(fursona, persona, dragonsona, etc)?

  • Emoji adopts would be good I mean contest would be too ngl


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another bio-to-adopt! (desc for rules!)

  • Name : Exvour Gender: Female Personally: Friendly, kind, and talkative Interest: Is very interested in swimming, meeting new people, and trying new thinks Backstory/other: Exvour was born in the Anberfire mountains, she had two other brothers, but they sadly never hatched. Her mother taught her how to fly, swim, and hunt. Exvour’s mom then died suddenly when Exvour was 12. Exvour then flied to The Salty Seas and met Electrowave ( A Sharken who had been separated from their family and just decided to live a life of solitude ) and started a friendly chat. They then started to like each other and decided to live together. Exvour now lives in a little village called Sunny Solitude with her roommate Electrowave.


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(rules in desc) bio to adopt

  • > 🍡HoneyFlavored_Mochii 🍡 Yay!! Tysm for this adorable baby!

  • >Neøn-Øasis congrats! Oakley's yours!

  • Name: Oakley Gender: Non-binary Personality: Really confused and oblivious, but has the right idea at the least. They also get overly attached to new people they meet. Interests: Enjoys puzzles and making theory’s for their favorite books. They collect seashells and rocks Backstory/other: They grew up normally, with two parents, but around when they learned how to talk, they began to develop ice powers. In this world everybody has a power, but each has a certain, unique way of summoning it. Some never figure out that way, and never use their powers. They don’t know how they summon their powers, so they can sometimes hurt others unintentionally. Because of this reputation, those who give them a chance they become very attached to. Now they are part of a secret alliance for dragons like them, where they search for what summons their power.

  • Name: Exile Gender: Male Personality: Very dangerous, strong, and strait forwand Interests: Likes to woodcut, swim, sleep, and fly


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desc pls ;w;

  • Take all the time you need, we're not mad at all!


  • I understand!!! (Im onionroleplay :))

  • Ofc we’re not mad at you! It’s more than fine if you feel like you need a break, we understand! 💕


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Read desc?

  • Ive never seen a style that looks like yours in all my days of youtube surfing! Idk what else to say... hm.

  • >OnionRoleplay :) hai sorry for responding late. idk i just feel like a copy of everything. and my art just looks weird and like i just kind of threw it together in a few minutes

  • Idk i suck at advice. What is it you dont like about your art?

  • I guess try to find some artists with interesting styles and find little details that you like that you can apply to your style. For this drawing in particular I suggest finding a few main colors ( like red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple) and sticking with them. Like say your 3 colors are orange, yellow, and blue, you could only use variations of those three colors. You could also stick with either desaturated colors or very saturated colors. I honestly don’t know, I just kinda go crazy and see what looks good.


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nta #2

  • > 🍡HoneyFlavored_Mochii 🍡 thank you!

  • >.•♬• sᴏᴄᴋ-ʙᴀɪᴛ™ •♬•. Skye ooh yeah that's nice! she's yours!

  • Ooo maybe Hazel or Hayley?


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thing for school read desc

  • >XxGrassy_AvocadoxX at least it wasn't that hard :p

  • >XxGrassy_AvocadoxX oh cool :D my partner sucks though :( i had to decide everything myself because he refused to do anything

  • AHH yes embargo,we did a quota.

  • Uhhh...idk... maybe ember/embar????