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I’m free comment on a recent illustration if ya have requests but it might take a while

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Jojo pose B)))

  • > UNDERDOGS. :o))

  • > ✨DoodlePandaaa✨ eee I did this for a contest on discord and I thought it was due so I rushed it and just finished it without lineart o-o

  • > ✨DoodlePandaaa✨ Ye it is TT

  • Weeeeee :000


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lisa :)))

  • > Hryhør1y thx!!!

  • Pretty oml

  • > ɴᴀʀᴜᴅʏɴᴇ • ᴊɪʀᴏ ᴍᴏᴍᴇɴᴛ thank uuuuu >w<

  • > KawaiiPotato245 aaa tyyyyyyy I don’t think I’m that talented I just get lucky sometimes there are so many art pieces I draw and never post cuz they look horrible ;-;

Multiple illustrations uploaded4


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prize #1 for kawaiipotato245

  • > Infinite stylez ayyyy tysm TwT that means a lot since I’ve been feeling like I haven’t gotten much better lately

  • > KawaiiPotato245 lol I’m so glad u like it >w<

  • Aaa So much improvement! I feel proud idk...

  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa THEY LOOK SO CUTE THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!! And don't worry about it, half the time when Im doodling them I forget too lol


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  • > AnonymouseSaysHoooi sÌ

  • > TikiToki indeed slow internet is just wOnderful

  • > AnonymouseSaysHoooi We love slow internet here

  • > TikiToki ayyy ty~


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DTIYS-ish thing from pat x

  • > AnonymouseSaysHoooi ohhh- I figured it out lol, thanks

  • backgrounds are also good to set the mood or whatever

  • > Pat X • Antfrost Mode © if u mean texture there’s a filter on procreate that adds noise I just add a layer fill it white and set it to multiply I just add the noise on that layer and it goes over everything if u wanna do it and u don’t have procreate u can just search up noise on google and make sure it’s got a white background insert it and add it as the top layer set it to multiply and everything will have a bit of noise adjust the opacity so it’s not too intense if ur talking bout the colours I’m using the same as urs so good job :D))

  • just that nice warm vibe


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prize for mint mochi

  • holy moly you're so good! :0

  • > mint mochi thank you~ I’m so glad u like it nwn

  • Omg!!!! AAAHHH- this is amazing don’t worry about it taking long it’s great 👌🏽✨


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  • > ⊂((・⊥・))⊃ aw tysm <3

  • oh. my. goddddd THIS LOOKS AMAZING >:00000

  • > TheRandomFandom | Dio ty!!


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adopt for mint mochi

  • How- This looks really good!

  • > mint mochi tysm for drawing her lol I love it when people draw my adopts sorry for the wait again

  • Yoooo imma do traditional for her try get the outfit going thank you so much :D


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uhhhhhhhh *read desc*

  • > AnonymouseSaysHoooi yea your right, just a heads up hopefully it doesnt get taken down tho, it looks great!

  • I mean it’s sorta a really small pixelated drawing idk

  • > RiiRen ye

  • > DreamiiKuri | Drè pOgggg


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adopt for pErsOn

  • > KawaiiPotato245 aw thx

  • > pErSon lol I get that sometimes I just go on an adopting spree

  • > Pat X • Antfrost Mode © haha ty

  • Aww she's so cute!