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Illustrations has been published.

Here are some Sharken adopts!

  • > XxGrassy AvocadoxX It’s ok, and it’s yours! Edit: Sorry I didn’t spell your name correctly, I forgot how to do underscores

  • And sry I'm a little late.

  • #2 Midnight or Mocha. 😊

  • > Hornet the Hivewing Thank you!!


Illustrations has been published.

Some Adopts!

  • Hey hovering wanna do a collab? I advertise you,and you advertise me!please reply on my latest art.

  • > Hornet the Hivewing ty!

  • > XxGrassy AvocadoxX You got it!

  • For the green one how about evergreen. :D


Illustrations has been published.

Gelt’s and Dreidel’s ref sheet

  • > Hornet the Hivewing Eek~~ okie I'm glad you liked it

  • > Owen Thanks! That’s very clever, I’m going to do that right now!

  • also I love that the Gimel is on the front of the dreidel

  • okay hear me out though gelt's blood should be brown cause chocolate hehe


Illustrations has been published.

Tea drinking tea

  • > Hornet the Hivewing It’s fine, it was a more recent change so you probably just didn’t see the edit in my bio thingy

  • > Neøn Øasis Omg!!! I’m so sorry I’ll edit that right away! Soo sorry for that mistake, It won’t happen again!

  • My pronouns are they/them btw! Love the entry tho!!


Illustrations has been published.

An emoji adopt!

  • > Neøn Øasis Ok got it!

  • 🐕🐌🍩🌌 (Dog, snail, doughnut, galaxy) Ty!

  • > Renderr Thanks, I’m on it now!

  • > Hornet the Hivewing Ok :> 🐈 (Cat)


Illustrations has been published.

Wave’s ref sheet ( read desc.)

  • > Oddie Ok!

  • > Hornet the Hivewing I'll probably do a lore post soon... Maybe even right now. It's going to take a while though so, hold your pearls.

  • > Oddie Thanks! I really like this species and I hope you post more info about them!

  • I- I love them. You guys are so good at color palettes...


Illustrations has been published.

Marshmallow shark

  • > Neon Oasis Thanks!

  • AaaAAAAaahhhh I love how you drew this!!!! The colors, just, 👌 Thank you for “adopting” (idk) them!