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  • > aomi Thank you very much

  • your artwork is always so amazing

  • 動物が 大好きなので、見ていて楽しいです😊 どの作品も、個性的で芸術的✨

  • > 笑い猫 All right! Thanks a lot !


Illustrations has been published.

The lion on grey

  • > lokhnet I will do my best! ٩(๑❛▽❛๑)۶

  • > MilkyStars Thank you. Well try to draw mane as a sphere - light /shadow , etc It's gonna work!

  • Ahhh this is so much better than my attempts at lions recently! I love the detailing in the mane.

  • > 海くん Thank you , .. I am glad !


Illustrations has been published.

Puffy dog

  • > Black panther Thank You Very Much !

  • > 🍀텐씨 THANKS!

  • The way u coloured is beautiful. Keep up the great work.

  • it's juste do adorable 😍


Illustrations has been published.


  • > 黒白 Sorry if smt . Take care

  • > lokhnet oh your make me shy ops have to go bye see you later

  • > 黒白 My pleasure to hear that . Your words are so beautiful .

  • > lokhnet thank you too. i am in love with nature so can't help


Illustrations has been published.

The flight

  • > くるきら Thank for your warm consideration ! That matters really much for every artist. & I value your support a lot - thank you!

  • I saw digital fire works video. this picture is the best of fire works in my heart!

  • > 🐝...B e e Glad that you dig it!

  • > すぃりゅう Thank you so much !


Illustrations has been published.

The blue Lilium

  • > lokhnet Glad to hear that ^^

  • > Hayra96 Well, I gonna Like what i am really like. As long as you have you fun to support, go ahead . Let's just be frank in comments .

  • I usually "support" each other artist like this. So their art viewers got high, sometimes I also left some good and positive comment and advice ^^ But If you feel that it's bothering you, please feel free to tell me, I wont do this anymore to you :)

  • > Luna_moon124❄ Luna_moon124❄ Thanks a lot.


Illustrations has been published.

Two years

  • > lokhnet u r welcome X3

  • > 🐝...B e e Thank you for your attention ! Really glad you find something that you like! 🙂😊🙂


Illustrations has been published.

  • > すぃりゅう Absolutely !

  • > lokhnet 怖いキング?あ、わかった!魚の正面ですね!

  • > すぃりゅう Matter of fact - the fishes inspired me much. & different angles too. So , this is the coworking of them, you see. 🙂😊😄

  • 一度みたらわすれられない。夢に出てきそう^^でも、ちょっと面白いです。


Illustrations has been published.


  • > Vassilia Vassilia Thanks a lot.

  • > Vassilia 😊😀😁😊😉😊

  • so cool!😍