Watch out boy, She'll chew you up (Oh-oh, here she comes)

Extremely busy If you like to PM me, please send it through Discord! :3
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Finished streamlining my social account!

OK! Just finished streamlining my social account!

Here's it is!

If you want to communicate with me directly via discord this is my tag: falscheShido#0616 (currently my preferred chatting for those who is outside DA)

My Twitter is: https://twitter.com/FalscheShido (I'll be posting all my work progress updates here!)

My Pixiv page is here: https://pixiv.me/user_bsq5260 (I'll upload my full ver of NSFW here!)

My Medibang page is: http://mdbn.me/falscheshido

Again, I'm sorry if I'm late replying your comments or msg, especially for my fellow Medibang followers.
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