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  • > ViennaVinn Thabk you ) my fb is pretty much dead for years, but I have an insta, if You want ) And about the colours - they deeply depend on the theme, it's just tgst Gojo is super vibrant )

  • So amaziinggg. How can you make such pretty colors! i wish to know your social media


Illustrations has been published.

Dreamers and butterflies

  • > ᯽ opalescent ᯽ Unfortunately, but I'm working on it ;) With Your and everyone's support that should definitely change soon ))



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You meet the Sun - Cut it

  • > Jal Thank You ) but I'm still not quite happy with it

  • No no it very good that what I mean

  • > Jal So in need in improvement? I know, I'm still working on it )

  • Your drawing is so


Illustrations has been published.

Gojo's 真実

  • > Jal Thank You )) inspiration struck and - Bam! Gojo the almighty )

  • I like it it so amazing


Illustrations has been published.

ForesTale (MoriTale)

  • > Lear ;)

  • > Geek Gurl Anime Hehe, it took me long nights, but judging by Your reaction, it was worth it ))

  • All those details are so magnificent!

  • > Jal Oseji ga ojouzu desu ne )) My Japanese is limited to common phrases, but I'm very very touched ) Are you Japanese? Then Your English is amazing!