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  • Ok, so seems she an't dead, but the asshole coulda said something to the robot, though I didn't miss the point of that it's still a frustrating tease . Anyhow lovely comic/manga overall, even if the cuts could be a bit to unrythmic for my taste, 8/10 would make it crap out its soul again.


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  • Bro! Your art is out of this world! Best thong I have seen on this site!

  • Ooo, can an android realy find her again ;-;

  • again I DID NOT SEE THAT COMING. Where is momo? Will the virus kill him? so many questions!!! lol


Comics has been published.


  • Amazing ! ✨

  • muito bom! espero que faça a versão br!

  • that is impressive, i like this manga, i want you continue drawing it

  • n' it only got better