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Hah ha here comes a trend

I am a leo and I realate to a all leo memes, things and stuff perfectly....

also anytime i see someone call a leo self centered

Me: I am not Self centered !!
Also Me: You are. You're just really good at hidding it ;-;

By the way does anyone feel like spamming something ???

  • > RainbowRealities Lmao

  • Lol I am the least Leo Leo to ever Leo

  • > ลรธล„g-ล‚ฤ™g-ล‚รผลพ While i am on the other side of the scale and relate perfectly also I finished your custom..

  • > โ„Ashโ„ Same....


Why ??????

  • > nice. YESSSSS !!!


  • > RainbowRealities I blasted my sisters ears when I laughed at that

  • > GhostTheBeast Ooop... Animal mechanicals


Ty Lee is best girl โ˜„โ˜„
Ok for my 70 followers plus im going to do custom adopts... about 6-8 depending on how many people comment (probably none ;-;) but heres what i need to know to get you one
Colour scheme
And anything else you want or im forgetting.....
Ya so.... โœจโ˜„โœจโ˜„๐Ÿ˜œ

  • > D๐Ÿ‰D Tri-colored as in black white and brown:3

  • > ลรธล„g-ล‚ฤ™g-ล‚รผลพ Tri-coloured ?? Which ones ??

  • > โ„Ashโ„ I am not very familiar with hollow knight so could maybe help me find a ref for what hollow knight scarab bettles look like ??

  • > D๐Ÿ‰D Ok It's gonna be hollow knight related so be prepared to draw a bug A cool looking bug Species: scarab beetle Gender: female Color scheme: black, white head with black eyes , blue markings (spots or stripes) And some wings, they can be a gray-ish color Have fun :D sorry if I don't get to it in time I'll try to in a week unless you finish tomorrow before 6am Cause I gotta wake up early ok I need to shut up now


Hah Bored....I know no one will comment on this so I'm safe.
But I was wondering I'm getting close to 70 followers... is that too soon to have a little contest or something ? and if I did do a contest would anybody enter ?

  • > แ–แŽฅแฆแŽฅแ–แŽงแฆแŽฅ R I p me

  • > D๐Ÿ‰D Rip

  • > แ–แŽฅแฆแŽฅแ–แŽงแฆแŽฅ OoO thx for commenting tho you're the only one who ever does

  • > D๐Ÿ‰D ๐Ÿคท๐Ÿฝโ€โ™€๏ธ