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Hello everyone

Hello my name is Alan and this is my first time doing a... Don't know how to call it a publication maybe?? . _.

So I will be working in a comic here in medibang and I wanna know if you guys have any dream or want to achieve something in this platform or in the manga/illustration industry. Or anything Your working on.

Here's a work un progress drawing :)
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  • ~Azmadness~
    > ĦᗩɌ𝕌
    Hey I know that feeling, working for a project can be a lilttle hard. You can do two things, work hard... But with inteligence. For landscapes and bodies use references and see how other artist make their backgrounds (there are many people in Youtube) . And with a lot of practice you will become better.
  • ノーマン
    I have something, Its a manga, I've been trying to start it for ages but im having trouble drawing the bodies and the landscape... any tips?!