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'On the end of a string'

  • > AurumLupus Thank you!

  • Awesome illustration! :O

  • > Forgotten_Space XD

  • > HeadHonchoCodex Frostbreeze: Hey Fern... Do you want kits? Fernshadow: Only if they serve you to you dying day, Sir!


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FoxStar ref

  • > Forgotten_Space lol

  • *Smoll claps* Yes! *Legit 2 feet tall*

  • > Unoticed Ghostburyia |WilburMode y e p

  • a n i m a t i o n :V


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For Austen's contest

  • > HeadHonchoCodex I neve said that you called him toxic twice, I said that he got called toxic twice, once by you, and the other time by someone else, and Okay you go on with your life, but we are all different with different situation, you would go on and not care, Squid gets tormented, and no I'm not leaving you alone until you solve this problem

  • > Hiroshi | Sero mode No, actually, if I was called toxic I would ignore it and go on with my life! And I didn't call them toxic twice! I used the word ONCE. Please leave me alone!

  • > HeadHonchoCodex Okay, you have a point, but you have to remember that words hurt more than what you think, you don't know if he is being tormented with the fact that he got called toxic TWICE everyday, and it's not cool to call someone toxic. how would you feel if someone called you toxic? it would hurt a lot right? And you probably can't see it but a lot of artist are trying to solve this problem to prevent the worse from happening

  • > Hiroshi | Sero mode I literally told them to chill and then left, if they are still freaking out over it then I had good reason to do what was done.


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'New warriors'

  • Yeah lol me too! This looks so cute!

  • > ✧ Midnight ✧ Take your time and don't overwork yourself! :D

  • I see something beautiful !! Thank youuu!!!! :D :D :D :D I have to draw more scenes from RP... But I'm very busy last days... I'll make it up! Someday...


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'Cold as Frost'

  • > Lord of the Underworld Maybe take a closer look when your around him... lol

  • Also, I love itttttt 💚



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'Long live WindClan'

  • > HeadHonchoCodex Yeah, it would

  • > CatLoafer Well, it causes conflict. Maybe you'll get t o a point when you'll have to choose a side. That would be interesting

  • > HeadHonchoCodex Aw poor HollowClan :( but if they are doing something bad then I understand but don’t kill them. They are breaking the warrior code, literally. Only kill a cat to survive. I should not have picked wind clan 0-0

  • > CatLoafer All the clans dislike HollowClan for one reason or another


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For Lulu!!

  • > -lulu- Your welcome!

  • omg i love it! thank u so much,thats awesome! :0


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SootPaw is lawful ✋😐👌

  • > Lord of the Underworld *mind blown*

  • > HeadHonchoCodex Lol omg he's just like Hollyleaf

  • > Lord of the Underworld He was that one kid who stayed after school to read law books

  • I just wanted some scandal in our Rp 😂


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'The Gathering'

  • > AurumLupus thanks

  • > BushBabyOrigins It was rather violent, probably should have thought about it a bit more before going lol

  • Wow, great!

  • death


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  • > HeadHonchoCodex Alr I'll join. I'll make a drawing of my character. Soon enough. *I just had to add this in* Fry: "But that's not soon enough!"

  • > CatLoafer You should do some research before joining so you understand what's going on, but yes, it's been fun so far and I think you might enjoy it

  • Should I join?

  • Wait HeadHonchoCodex I knew about the role play, I just don't know much about the series, all I know is about like scourge and stuff like I know kittypets and like simple stuff


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'There will be four'

  • > Lord of the Underworld Indeed, I'm rather good at being cryptic

  • Bruh, it makes more sense if you read the RP, but it might make sense if you read the prophecy? Idk, even the prophecy is confusing lol

  • > ✧ Midnight ✧ Thanks!



Illustrations has been published.


  • Omg auto correct is gonna make me dieeeee

  • > Lord of the Underworld Glad she looks good!

  • Oh she spicy, I love her! He looks adorable!


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My Persona

  • > ✧ Midnight ✧ :D

  • So cool, and congrats!!

  • > CrossOut Thx!

  • Awww awesome!


Illustrations has been published.


  • > clearlyclueless I'm sorry, but I'm having a stressful day and this isn't helping, goodbye

  • I guess... I'm sorry for wasting your time I-i hope you get over this soon...

  • > clearlyclueless I can't apologize because it's true, I'm sorry. Some problems are better left alone.

  • > HeadHonchoCodex i- I just really hate seeing people separated of a simple problem that can be solved with a talk and an appology