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Kind of a face reveal

Not really showing my face, but you can see the rest if me! Also,
The last pic is my favorite lol

  • > -lulu- I used a paper plate and a sharpie. Also, ThAnK yOu

  • se eu encontrar algum prato de plástico por aqui eu posso tentar,ou então eu desenho um sorriso num pedaço de papel e coloco no meu rosto XD tomara que a ninguém brigue comigo por postar uma foto minha aqui 7v7 e também,você ficou muito bonito nessas fotos :0

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What's this? More Dystopia!?

Xander sat on his horse, looking out over his small, but brave band of rebels. Ran, Dune, Lilac, Beetle and Avia. How far had they come in the last few days? Far enough to be here.
I should probably say something, like a speech. Oh man, I really suck at this.
Xander cleared his throat nervously, “well, I should probably say something. That’s what a good leader would do. I wasn’t really prepared for this, but here I am. Here we all are. I see a few new faces and a few old, familiar ones. That’s nice. It just shows that hope is contagious, a force that travels far and fast. I have hope, a hope that we can stop Liam Harbor before he enslaves our friends, family and neighbors. Everyone we know is at risk, and yet I have hope. Do you all have hope? Or are you just here to help a cause that you think died before it started? Well, if you are, just know this. A good cause never dies, only sleeps. All you need are the right people to wake it up again. Sometimes it takes a bit of force to wake that cause. We were the perfect people to do that. Why? Because we weren’t born to be soft and silent, we were born to make the world tremble and shift at our touch. We are the warriors who will win the fight our enemies started!” Xander raised his sword high in the air, “may the lord have mercy on my enemies, because I won’t!”
The others stabbed their weapons into the air as well and raised a cry up into the leaves, “for the good of the many!”

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  • Love this !!! So much personality and realatablity !!!

I just realized

I'm getting close to 100 followers aren't I? What should I do to celebrate? Another contest or adopts or a collab or... idk I want to do something that you guys want to do as well.

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Dystopia Bit!

Lilac and Beetle are in the act of stealing horses lol

Lilac swiped a wide brimmed hat off a crate and pulled it low over her face. The center of Liam’s camp was the last place she wanted to be, but here she was, in an oversized trench coat and a cowboy hat. She lowered her eyes as a girl hurried past, carrying a stack of wood.
I’ve seen her before! Not good, don’t recognize me… She rushed by though, not seeing Lilac at all. Good.
She reached the open place where the horses were tied. All twenty of them in their glory. Flowing manes and glossy fur. Her heart skipped a beat. She was going to ride one of these, and she had plenty of time to choose. No one had seen her and no one was around. She wandered from horse to horse until she found a dappled grey she liked.
Lilac quickly saddled it and grabbed the leads of five other horses. They snorted indignantly, but followed her as she quietly began to lead them to Beetles hiding spot.
Just a little farther…
“Hey! What are you doing!?”
Lilac groaned inwardly, “w-what? What do you mean? I’m taking the horses out to graze!”
A boy, not much older than her but carrying an axe, ran up and grabbed her horse’s bridle. “It’s too late for that! You’re supposed to be back at camp with everyone else- who gave you permission to take the horses out!? That’s my job!”
“Who gave me permission? I did!” Lilac swung her leg out and caught the kid in the face.
He cried out and dropped his axe, holding his nose. “Jerk! Who are you?”
Think of something poetic, quick!
“Your worst nightmare,” she dug her heels into her horse and she sped off.
A few moments later, a hunting horn was blown from behind. Oh no…
Shouts came from Liam’s camp. A gun was fired, narrowly missing her head! The horse spooked, jumping to the side. The other horses she was leading stayed on their course, almost pulling her out of the saddle. She mumbled a few curses and righted herself, almost running Beetle over!
“Whoa! Watch out!” The huge cat rolled aside just in time as the dappled grey’s hooves slammed into the earth where his head had been only a few seconds ago.
“Sorry! I’m being followed, we don’t have much time.” Lilac glanced back and saw bobbing lights rushing towards them. Lanterns.
“What’s the exit strategy!?”
She looked at Beetle like he was insane, “Excuse me!? Our what!?”
Beetle clutched his head, “oh my god, we’re gonna die.”

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  • isso é tão legal!!! Você escreve muito bem,eu fiquei com vontade de ler mais pois parece interessante essa história :)

  • > HeadHonchoCodex You captured her personality really well !!!

  • > D🐉D I'm glad you like it! Lilac's POV is really fun to write

Hath been awhile

Snipit from Dystopia

There was only one window that glowed, so they headed for it. They hung upside down from the evesthrough and looked in on a strange scene.
Liam Harbor sat at a dark oak desk, writing something with a fancy quill while a strange man hung by his legs from the light fixture on the ceiling. The new man had simple brown clothing on, messy hair and a violet scarf.
“-saying is that you should be more wary! Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re a pretty capable guy, but that won’t stop, say, an assassin from sneaking in in the middle of the night and cutting your throat. Who would pay me then? Huh?” The upside-down man flicked his head to move the scarf out of his face, revealing dark purple eyes.
Liam sighed, “for the last time Dante, I can take care of myself! I’m not a child and you know that!”
“Yeah, but if I helped more I would get paid more, so there’s no harm in trying!”
“Who said I would pay you more!?” Liam swiveled around in his chair and glared.
Dante grinned, his teeth were blindingly white, “common sense. He’s a relatively nice man who tells me a whole load of things he clearly doesn’t tell you. You should try to hook up with him, you might learn a lot.”
Liam slammed his quill down on the desk with a bang, “listen here you little-.”
Ran watched in fascination as the two cursed and shouted at each other. How can two who hate each other so much work together?
Who knows, maybe that’s how they speak to each other… like a code.
Maybe… I need them to leave so I can see what Liam’s writing.
Cause a distraction.
No problem.

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Guys, PLEASE stop bugging me about the SquidKid thing! I think it's starting to mentally harm me! My hands won't stop shaking and I can't sleep. I'm sorry for everything I did and I feel like I want to die in a hole.

  • Are people still talking about that?? I'm sorry that's it's being pushed- hopefully everything settles down now so you can have some peace of mind

  • I would like to apologize as well, I know that you might hate me, but that's okay, I understand but I'm sorry if I made the problem worse, I just wanted this problem to stop because, I didn't wanted to see Squid sad anymore

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