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The Last Mission (Edited Version)

Hey All,
First of all happy new year to all of you.Its been a ride for last year and am very glad that most of you were able to participate in the ride with me.But anyhow I've understand and acknowledge some of your feedbacks regarding the one shot my work which is The Last Mission and am very sorry for all of the errors done.Thus as a response to the feedback I've change the reading direction and thus the comic could be viewed for reading without any hassles and worries.
Here is the link for the new edited version of The Last Mission:-

Also apart from the announcement of comic changes of The Last Mission,I also do have some great news to share with you which is the upcoming prologue oneshot of my upcoming comic series ,Princess Desbelyan.As for now I am currently working on the oneshot of the series and it might be probably published at the end of this month before the whole series kicks off at March onwards.So I hope that all of you will look forward to it. Also the cover page of the oneshot will be posted for the MCQO 2017 competition and hopefully all of you will be able to enjoy the progress of the series as well as all of my works.

With much peace and love
Charli Hoshino (Charlotte Cheng)
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