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HSR Update and Assassin - 8

Hi everyone, haven't posted here in a long time lol. I've decided to stop working on High School Reaper mainly because the main character accidentally ended up looking too much like Midoriya!

The latest manga I'm working on is called Assassin-8! I'm really excited about it, but don't have much time to work on it because of uni. I'm also currently working on two games, one is a uni project, and the other is a visual novel I'm making with a friend. (I'm gonna post one of the backgrounds I drew for the game later :D). On top of all that I'm learning Japanese. So finding time to work on this manga will be difficult to say the least.

If your interested in any of my game projects you can check out my first game and my portfolio:

Below is the front cover I drew for Assassin-8
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