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I’m free


Realizing how much this platform sucks because it mostly consists of people who support really terrible things and act like 4 year olds and fake mental illnesses
This isn’t targeted to the people who really do have mental illnesses or act the way they do to cope with trauma, which I understand, it’s the people who obviously don’t have it, or act like such for attention, get called out, don’t defend themselves at all because they don’t have any ways to defend themselves since they are lying, and then become douchebags and attack others and start drama
These aren’t assumptions, their things that have genuinely happened on here, and then those people who attacked others will be like oh I’m sorry, and then go on with everything, pretending like they didn’t just tear down a bunch of people
So much is wrong with this platform to the point I don’t even know where to begin
I’ve seen multiple people see a vent post of saying something like “I can’t do this anymore I’m ending it” and there being 50+ likes, and 3 comments saying “great art!” And that’s it
This place is so freaking pitiful nowadays, like it makes me sad seeing dsmp supporters on here, seeing my friends who stopped talking because of assholes on here
Don’t even get me started on the dsmp man, it’s insane how some people still support that, everyone is problematic there, I am uncomfortable with 100% of the people on there, and I hate people being like but what did _____ do? And it’s someone they barely even watch
I’ve been groomed on this website, manipulated, been exposed to sh, got literal death threats, saw blatant racism and sexism and people still support the artists here who do so
I remember how I was really mentally unstable back then, and I realized it was all because of this
All of this
And when I tried to get helped no one listened, but when others like me tried to they were listened to
Just like a bunch of others on this app
The big accounts are all full of snobby douchebags taking advantage of young children for benefit
Finally opening my eyes to the horrible place
So basically, this is goodbye
I had some good memories here, I made some friends, but I’ve gotten older and i understand things now