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Anon: Age is just a number

Me: 20 is just a number

20 years of jail time

  • And Jail is just a room 🧍

  • How do people not understand that, especially in the younger years, age is a number that marks developmental landmarks, both physically and mentally. So, no, age is not just a number. Age is a marker of how long someone has had to develop and how much they should be held responsible for their actions, decisions and selves.

I really want to say something

I want to talk about this but I don’t want to get un-necessary hate and/or foolish hate comments
This is the Baldi and Lil Devil situation

*Sigh* the age gap

Lil Devil, 12 years old, Baldi, 18

Where Baldi lives the age of consent is 13, where Lil Devil lives it’s 16

This is illegal on all levels

I personally am not fond with Baldi due to how sexual he is to minors, and this happening really freaks me out and I’m unsure of what to do

If you look at some of his past ones with Lil Devil, they seem pretty… he’s lip biting at a minor and it makes me so uncomfortable

Please please PLEASE explain to me if I’m missing a puzzle piece here, please don’t send me un-necessary hate, just please

So many people are supporting them both and I want to make people know that that is not ok and it’s literally illegal

Thank you for reading this

  • Bruh |: Thank you guys for your support on this as well, I really appreciate it and the people trying to help devil

  • > DappletheAxolotl Its okay!..I'll be careful.

  • > Lil Devi, dude, thank you for acknowledging what baldi was doing, I do not at all blamme youu forr wwhat it and I apologise if any of the stuff I said about you when talking about this topic offended you. I wasnt really sure what was happening on your side. What happened was not your fault, you shouldnt blame yourself for it. Just please try to avoid people like himm, I havennt spokenn to youu mmuch beforre this buut youu seemm like ann awwesomme personn and I donnt wannt you to get cauught uup in sommething like thhat again. Donnt beat youurself dowwn because of it, and againn imm really sorry if anny of thhe shhit I said was rrude to you

  • I never knew child gr**ming can get on here wtf

Isn’t 12 and 18 a little much for a dating age gap?
I don’t want to be rude at all, I know people who have parents with bigger age gaps, but I don’t feel like that’s right since one of thems still a kid while ones an adult
Come at me if you want, this is genuine question I’m not trying to be rude at all/nm/gen

  • Yea I agree.

  • > Soccs That’s what I thought, I’m glad that someone thought of it the same way I did TwT

  • > Soccs What Jean said.

  • It's illegal and immoral. Age gaps don't matter to me when people are adults, but no adults should be dating children. Hell, age gaps for minors bigger than four years are illegal in the US, even if both of the people in the relationship are minors.

I swear to GOD if she keeps on giving me mixed answers I will bawl my fucking eyes out
Language 😔
Girl just say no if you don’t want to be my girlfriend I don’t know what “😫” MEANS HOE

  • > Soulever eee im glad :D *hug*

  • > greysons_love Tysm I feel a lot better now somehow lmao

  • > Soulever 🍗🍗🍗🍗 chicken for my child uwu

  • > greysons_love Yes please -v- Thank you