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Last night's dream was weird

  • I wanna share my dream I saw a nightmare the day before yesterday I dreamed that I was in a hut stained with blood - I think it was my blood and that someone was torturing me, -Between us when i was in my bed i say to myself -Oh Sarah! If a someone torturing you In a remote village inside a hut what you should you do?-

  • Umm weird it's creepy

  • > DremEND (Dragon mode) o dang i cant even remember the dream i had last night,, u must have good memory- or just rlly interesting dreams 👁👁

  • > nice. | Nati xD Im used to dream about these kind of stuff, I think I can count the actual nightmares I had in my entire life with just one hand


My dude's spiting facts

I need to wake up early tomorrow but I just drank 3 cups of coffee
f*ck :)

  • i can't say nothing I do not sleep after the dawn prayer You have to get used to waking up early and sleeping late - something like 6 or 7 hours on a lot, you need 21 days to get used to that. If you get used to it, you will feel that you Sourdough dough if you slept 8 hours

  • this is too relatable man

  • Im glad to know that we all agree on this lmao

  • relatable my man