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hi ok so

i have made sticky bois
aka stickers
they are axolotls
im quitting medi because its a bunch of small children venting now its not what it used to be tbh
so my acc will still be here but i wont be active at all really

  • See ya, I'm extremely sorry for venting and making you feel bad I hope you come back one day Everyone misses you

  • Oh noooo :( We will miss you and your very cool art! I hope you do well with whatever you choose to do and wish you well!

  • I will miss u <3

  • Noo please dont leavee D:

hihi( pls read its kinda important?)

so its gonna be summer soon, so ill have more time to post. i probably wont interact with ppl as much anymore though, just my 4 closest friends, and thats probably only through dms. and the 5th friend ill chat with through discord. ive just gotten really sick and tired of people venting in topics here honestly. (this isnt hate against people with issues, its just my opinion). the thing is, you might have not realized, but your venting can actually trigger other people, so maybe like create a group just for venting? its also kinda annoying to just be scrolling through art (this app is literally made for posting art only) and just see things like "i hate them" or "i hate myself" literally just spammed over and over again in all caps. id say to make a group where people who need to vent can vent and get support for it. this is not hate, and i try to be there for people as much as i can, but please be respectful that other people have triggers too.

  • > Chemiclysm yeah that's fair

  • > Leieryx Yeaaaa I get that. But I do still stand by my opinion

  • > Chemiclysm true... yeah the traditional art especially also yeah 'i hate ___' doesnt usually make sense to me either lol but i think it's just because it's hard to talk about? i dont think it's right cause it doesnt help but i think thats why bleh i wish but that gets really complicated-- im not sure how you'd make that work cause they are pretty similar-- if you need a different group for everyone with family issue-triggers here, welll thats a LOT

  • > Leieryx yep but theres also art topics what if i want to see those? i do get all the stuff youre talking about, but the thing about spamming "i hate (instert whatever they hate)" in all caps just honestly doesnt make sense to me. maybe catagorize the groups so people can avoid that one group that has their trigger