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r u cereal

Something I'd like to clarify.

I never said that I was exactly in the right for everything I did, nor did I think it. The *ONLY* time I believe I was was in the Baldi situation, and clearly that's long gone and people still support him. Aside from that, while there are times were I don't know what I did, I know I'm in the wrong with everyone else. And just because I don't know what I did does not mean I don't know that I am in the wrong. There are situations where both parties are in the wrong, which I will not mention as it is irrelevant.
I would like to rekindle some friendships but clearly most of the people who blocked me don't, so I just won't bother.
I will say that I do apologize for the things I did, even if for some of them I don't know what.

Faith: For making you uncomfortable with those comments. I thought what I was saying was a genuine compliment and not some creepy bullshit. I didn't know that what I said in that server would affect you at all, and for that, I apologize as well (despite the fact I already did.).
Jean: I don't know what I did but I apologize for whatever it was.
Naru: For talking about you like that. I know you won't unblock me, since you didn't unblock me after Skull said something about it. Plus you already blocked him anyway.
Pat: For not caring and for talking about Faith like that.

While I don't see myself ever becoming friends with these people again, it was brought to my attention earlier today.

  • Correction: So I just will not try to.

  • > Dinosaurbean oh shut up

  • > prince OH- YOUR SO SMOL, bruh I’m so toll compared to you 5’7

  • > Dinosaurbean 5'1

  • > prince I no speak centimeters lol 😂

prolly gonna lose a follower or two but

i support a6d, kinda
im not subbed to him but i feel like he changed
(obviously if something happens with him again imma just stop but hhh)

  • > clearlyclueless alr

  • > prince nah its best i stay innocent about it. I'm also still playing that roplay that was started on wednesday

  • > clearlyclueless he did some things, but imo there were justifiable reasons- if u want ill dm u

  • did he do something? IDK who is never seen him till today


me trying to figure out if my headache is from bending my neck in an awkward position for hours, being dehydrated, not sleeping enough, not having enough caffeine, or all of the above:

  • > Dinosaurbean ohhhhhh that makes sense. haha-

  • > ★astro★ Well I don’t know 100% why, but I’m pretty sure it’s bad to expose you eyes to blue light for long periods of time, and eye strain can cause headaches from my understanding

  • > Dinosaurbean I know but like why????

  • > ★astro★ Me: But I get headaches when I sit in front of the comput- Astro: SHUT UP, ITS ALL BULLSHIT