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Illustrations has been published.


Illustrations has been published.

Her name is Ai and I love her

  • > Umimop wow that is sooooooooooo great i can't wait !!!!! uwu

  • > fantastic woomy(*´∀`)~♥ Hi! You are so kind! I wasn't able to answer right away, but knowing I have a comment from artist like you totally made this month for me. If you like this character concept, you may be interested to know, I planning to make more of her and her friends. I already have: a title, a small comic and proper character sheets planned. As soon, as I will be able to colour with anything, that is not my finger, I'll do my best to finish it. Thanks fir your support!

  • Metadata: ** Name:** Ai **Age:**10 **Personality:** Cheerful, easygoing and fun. Very creative and gets a lot of interesting ideas, but often is too impatient and impulsive to polish her skills properly. Over the time become more serious about art. Often is a bit too noisy. **Good at:** Creating concepts for characters and stories, learning new things, getting new friends, cheering people up, making funny faces, playing active games, going on adventures. **Bad at:** cleaning her room, staying calm for too long, keeping her clothes neat. **Likes:** ice-cream, drawing and doodling, interesting ideas, having fun. **Dislikes:** cleaning, boredom, loneliness, being scolded. **Style:** Ai is quite a tomboy, but thanks to Tea and some other girls from the school, now owns a lot of cute outfits, that look good on her. Ai's hair bow is another unexpected present she got from spirits, and cherish it as a symbol of their friendship.

  • Full story: There is a legend of the chosen one, owning similar kind of Stylus. According the legend that person talent will eventually become strong enough to open portals to another dimensions and to spread creative energy further. But nobody, including Ai herself, actually believes, she is a chosen one. But Ai loves to draw and is very excited to find her own path as an artist. She moves to live on ART street and joins a famous Medibang art school there. Per school tradition Ai gets two older students assigned to her for study assistance. Together with hardworking manga-artist Ritsu (male) and Tea (female), who write stories and paint as a hobby, Ai starts her journey!