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Finished my manga

Hey I finished a 272 page manga! Cool! Catch up here:

So about my next projects that way I can keep improving and refine myself. I'm going to do 2 different manga now. 1 is kind of slice of life and simpler, other is shounen-y. Both are weekly, the slice of life will be a handful of pages and shounen will be at least 10. I just want to keep practicing different things to get better.

Here's my favorite pages, cya sometime later :)
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  • Nass
    I'm really excited to read your new manga! specially the slice of life one- I love SOL (but you're great at shonen style art so I wonder which will be more interesting!) I think you have real skill from all your hard work, and I hope you are able to continue this long into the future! I'm unendingly impressed by you and your dedication! It makes me want to draw!
  • TitanPega