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Hello guys !!! Finally, create my own Lean yourself !! But what is a "Stand up"? For those who do not know, it's a collective system where fans monetize the artist's work!
Please, it is very simple, you support with the results of the payments on my page does not support and receive rewards such as access to exclusive content, experiences, services and / or products according to the amount invested, and more legal, the more people to contribute more I can dedicate myself to manga, until the time comes when I can live only on this and as rewards is much greater than you can imagine! And most importantly, know that you were part of that! Imagine the moment that Elemental Kings turns into an anime, you know who was responsible for it!
Help me make this and all my dreams come true. Support me, spread me and go on this journey, and do it with your heart on fire !!

Click on the link to access!
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