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First comic!

I haven't slept more than two hours in three days but I finished my first comic in time to submit it to the contest!

It's just my first one, so I know I have a lot I can improve on but I'm so excited!
And I can finally sleep!

I learned a lot while working on this! I learned that even when working like crazy and not sleeping, I still love doing this so much! This was the most fun I've had! I look forward to making more comics.

But now! I finally get to sleep! I didn't know I could stay up for so long! 40 hours straight of drawing~ then two hours of sleep~ then back to drawing for another... 12 hours straight!

I'm super thankful to my supportive friends and family! My coffee/tea fetcher especially! I'm so excited. :D

Check it out and let me kno~ow what you think!
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