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New Manga For The Contest


"Oh my god, I thought you've stopped doing all of this things to make a game." STFU!

All right, let's be serious here.

Yes, I know I said that. but things happened. You could say...I got addicted. With BloodSouls series. Yes, I am. Shut up!

For those who don't care about what I'm doing, you can just skip to the link. It's not original manga, it's just manga art from the name in the contest.

But, the most important thing is, I have learned a lot of things. Like...lots. I learned how to make 3d games, how math works in video games, etc. And I'm so confident that I can make cool RPG game. But, what I can do is, well...I just can code. That's all. I can't make 3d models and soundtrack. But my mind is just like "I really want to make 3d cool RPG game. It's not that hard." So, here I am.

Let's be honest, I made this manga to get money (Yes, I said it, I'm sorry, okay!). I try to get work from software house as well, to get experience. And then, maybe like a week or two weeks ago, I decide to open my Medibang account again, and there is a contest here. And this JUMP PAINT manga award is one of them. I'm just like, "well, it's only at least 3 pages, it's not going to be so long." I was also a little bit surprised when I draw this, I thought my art was going to be bad, but it's the opposite (at least for me). It's really a good practice, you know. Although this is only a few pages manga, but I learned a lot of things from it.

Well, maybe you're wondering, "So how about your game?" Well, for me, quality is more than anything. I will learn more and more and get the most perfect result for me as good as I can. And I'm still young and there are still many things that I have to learn. Maybe I will start it when I was 25, I guess? Yes, it's at least 8 years from now, and maybe you will just forget about this things. But, if you ever watch or even play the game that said "Rest In Peace Production", that's going to be mine.

I know, maybe you says that I'm just a delusional kind of person, or maybe I'm just too confident and still don't know about how hard to live, or whatever you want to call me. But at least, I tried. It's like I'm a gambler, I bet my own live. Will I be able to do it or not, it depends on how I tried.

So, for you who want to judge my art, feel free to check it out!
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