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Japan, here I come!!
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  • Nass
    Hey I hope you see this! I was thinkin bout you and hope you're having fun in Japan! (You're still there, right?) I hope that you keep creating manga, even if you didn't win the contest. People really, really loved your work so I hope that can inspire you to keep creating! You'll always have a reader in me! ^w^ Have a good day!
  • Naru Lin
    > Michael Ampao
    Wow! Thank you for all!!
    I hope you would reach your goals soon too!! Never give up and ganbatte!!! (>3<)/
  • Michael Ampao
    > Naru Lin
    i checked google and the end of spring in Japan is June 21 so it should be around there for the results... i don't expected for me to win but i happy to experienced to make my first manga... i'm looking forward to make a new one with better drawings and writings... so i hope it will be a successfully someday... i pretty sure you deserve it to win because you put a lot of effort into it....
    I'm happy that you have a new life in Japan and i hope i will be there soon... Thanks for your reply and take care.
  • Naru Lin
    > Michael Ampao
    Here in Japan everyday is interesting!
    Yes I'm really exited! I'm checking the website twice per day, but..... ahhhh I'm getting antsy!
    And you?
  • Michael Ampao
    HI How's your life in japan? are you excited for the results?
    it should be around this season... the tension is real! XD