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Do I need a tablet?

I think a drawing tablet is quite nice to use, I may bought one in the future. Time to save some and continue to practice!
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  • 黒虹
    > HyoWooさん yeah it's not a must-have, but it's quite sweet to own one...maybe by using my tab, it can 'simulate' the feels of using a tablet so hopefully I'll get comfortable pretty quick when I finally bought one :)
  • 黒虹
    > DKRshadyさん well I currently using an 8" Samsung Galaxy tab, and it's quite comfortable actually, and yes, I'm looking forward for Wacom Intuos Promedium! ^^
  • Darya
    Drawing tablets are a lot easier to draw with than a mouse but you don't need one. I'd recommend a Wacom Bamboo as it's quite easy to use after you get used to it.
  • 5hxdy
    You don't need a Graphics Tablet to do art, however it is highly suggested for easy comfort and stability. If you are new to tablets start out with a Wacom Intuos or a Wacom Intuos Pro.