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Omni Link released - Sci-fi Adventure

My first words are a shout to my friends and family that have made the story of Omni Link possible. They not only helped with funding, but emotional cheers of support as well. Your donations impact my life in big way. I hope you enjoy what I create for you.

Issue #1 of Omni Link does not represent the end of a story. It is the start of a journey. The story is already well developed and progresses very well with an ending. In fact, Omni Link's story only needs to be polished and drawn for your viewing pleasure.

The story leads you on the journey of the characters that are introduced in Issue #1, as well as the "sneak peak" characters in the cover. It is Dawn's existent that will link these individuals together in remarkable ways. *follow along for future updates as I reveal more characters and art.
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