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  • First, sorry for the super late feedback. But anyway, as you said, this is your best work yet! There's not much I have to say, because there isn't anything that stands out as "lesser" to me. Pretty much every panel looks great, designs are neat, story and writing feels like it actually has effort put into it (not that the others didn't). There's also a whole lot more detail in the backgrounds this time around, which was really only the one thing ever missing for me. I'd be curious to know though, do you plan on continuing making all these separate oneshots? Or do you plan to start a series at some point? The only reason I'm asking is just to see if you're still wanting to just "play" around creatively, trying these different genres and such. Don't let it go to your head, but I will admit you've got skill. So I guess you can be proud, at least a little bit. Heh, seriously though, if you want any more discussion on this, send a message to me and I'll try to respond to it soon.

  • > MangaIsaac Thank you!

  • This is amazing! Keep it up!

  • > maximaxi I do hope so, thank you very much for the review and invite! I'll check out the discord server.


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  • Dude, you are amazing. Why do you keep posting awesome starting chapters and don't update the story? im still waiting for saint pillar.


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  • > chikitooo Thank you very much! I'm glad to hear that. :D

  • I'm happy that I get to read another one of your works! Just like Abyssal Yoma said you're getting better and better. I've really liked the darkness and humor in your works since the beginning and I'm looking forward to more! :)

  • > Abyssal Yoma Thank you so much for the feedback! I really appreciate your input on this. Glad you feel my artwork is improving. I'm confident my next one-shot will be even better, so please look forward to that.

  • First impressions, man your artwork is getting really good! Salibre and Rue have pretty strong character designs that are slick and memorable. The variation in the posing, shots, facial expressions for all the characters is well done. I mean, nearly every other page has a cool shot of a character. It gives a sense of style that really helps it come more alive, I think. To me, it feels like your really hitting your stride with these oneshots. There's a lot of personality here, with the humor in the writing, the funny shots including the pixelated gore, and so on. For 31 pages there's a pretty decent amount of story here, with the Mcs' characters shown well, giving the reader a sense of who they are. The relationship between Salibre and Rue has some good humor in it and feels pretty natural from the start. The little scene on pages 24-25 with Salibre's reaction is pretty good too. The shots of her increasingly suprised moe-blob face work well with the comedy of the lines.