Hello! It's TK -- or Kei (it's the other way you say my name). Nice to meet you! ^^

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Mai Kare/Kano: Music! (2018 Project)

My schedule's gotten pretty erratic so it's hard to come up with a regular time to work on manga - that means scheduled releases are a far cry, but I hope to release a chapter or so every now and then once I've revised and relaunched Ayakashi Refrain.

For now I'll share illustrations for my art series, Mai Kare/Kano -- basically this is a series of artworks with different themes featuring OCs drawn with a boyfriend-girlfriend setting. This year's theme is Music, so I'll be drawing Youtaites' avatars and featuring one or two per month. Mezucchi's the face for January!

This style's kind of new to me, since I generally draw in full anime. I've been experimenting with grayscaling and coloring over it, too!
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