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aH!! read desc/first comment :))

  • Also... (Goatmeal has gotten this same message.) Hey! It's shippingfuel. I wanted to apologize for all of the venting and negative vibes I've given off and that you've had to constantly try to bring me up for. (You didn't have to, but you did anyways cause you're an amazing fucking person) I just wanted to say that I've been reading on things, printed out books, talking in therapy for once, and I'm truly better. I know I've said this before but I never improved as much as I have. I missed your and others' company here on Medibang, and I figured that I'd apologize for the shit I put you guys through. Love you, thanks for all of your help to keep me going and getting me to where I am now. <3

  • I love your art,, you've improved so much and i'm proud of you

  • This art style inspires me! Like, look at those dynamic lines!!✨

  • Quin :00 Imma actually follow you on ig whheeeksnd


Illustrations has been published.


  • OH MY- 💕💞🌸💕💞🌸💕💞🌸

  • Beautiful art!!!

  • Oh my- QUIN!!!!

  • OMG AHHHH I MISSED YOU- (its bubbie/ratbubs, i change my name a lot XD)


Illustrations has been published.

its wirt bro

  • nice

  • beau👏ti👏ful👏

  • (Lol I'm late) But wowie that's really cool I like how you added the light of the lamp! (And no worries with the adopts! Take your time! You can skip mine if you want too)

  • *fangirl in over the garden wall*


Illustrations has been published.


  • > Hørr1d im really n 0t but thank u bro 💞💞💓💗

  • > ℓυ¢αƒσηт asfxgdf thank u 😔💞

  • > ★Auzzie★ no u

  • How are you so good aaaaaa


Illustrations has been published.

art blockd 😔😔

  • also pls check out their orher stuff they'rereally goood

  • um i highly recommend "Listerine, by Dayglow."

  • Cool

  • lol