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  • pls don't, your art is beautiful

  • aww.. well..this is your desiscion so i won't get in your way,do well..people enjoyed your art..bye. -D.T.P

  • Wat


Illustrations has been published.

midnight scootaloo

  • > undefined if you are going to say i trace get off my page. you do not have to like me but you do not have to comment about it. fyi i am a young girl so do not asume i trace and you still think i do look on youtube for real traces and you will see obvious tracers and the diffrence from my art and thiers. thx

  • i used a refrence pic

  • it's not traced

  • Sorry but, traced. I’ve seen a similar picture


Illustrations has been published.


  • i am leaving because i try to improve my art and no one pays attention and i feel like that the people who can draw anime and stuff is too hard to beat so i give up. bye

  • There are people in this world who love your art so don't give up! It takes time to get as many followers as Sorasama or some other artist ówò

  • No! Don't leave!

  • you have 46 followers man