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Regarding the JUMP contest

I just realized they updated the deadline... God heard my plea (laughs). I had barely submitted on time with the server crashing, but I think I made it in. There were still some pages I wanted to fix in my one shot submission, but didn't have time to, and I'm glad I now have a chance to update them. I'm not entirely sure if this site informs followers of oneshot updates, but if it does, please excuse the many updates I'll have in the coming days regarding my Realia (one shot) submission haha.

Have a happy San from the first chapter that didn't quite fit into the one shot ^^;
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  • Sans
    > a-ko
    Haha Thank you!
    and I would love to read Realia once you have finished the last touches :D
  • a-ko
    > Sans
    me too haha XD I was in near tears even just trying to submit the other day with the server crashing... I'm so happy they extended it.
    Good luck to you too! I'll check out your comic after the deadline :Dc
  • a-ko

  • Lory

  • Sans
    OMG! I understand your plea, I have also been wishing that the deadline would be made long so I can fix my mistakes and add pages I couldn't. Wishing you best of Luck!