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  • Glad to see you finish it in time! ^_^ お疲れ様でした! :)


Comics has been published.


  • That was seriously dope!

  • Oh my days! This was amazing! Literally haven’t read anything that has this much detail in art and story! The art is so well done, and I even got goose bumps and hype by the story so early on. The flash back made me feel close to the main characters and like I’ve been reading for years. Honestly really impressive work.

  • This manga is quite interesting and original (well, I have never seen the manga like it before). But, the main character in this manga feel so lack. I mean, his experience in this manga is lacking. I hope I can see how powerful the main character is in the next :).

  • This is AMAZING!! I want more!! It's quite original and the art work is really AMAZING!