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GrOoVy 80s

  • “What’s poppin’, cupcake?” I absolutely love this sentence.

  • The leg tho- o.0

  • That's radical! Very very groovy. I'm sorry I don't know how ppl talked in the 80s

  • gAnGaNg


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Resonance43: part 3

  • Dang son, I knew she was gonna accept it she probably regrets it. But hey we never know what use it might do for her :0 (IM AMMUSED)

  • Awesome!!

  • Blow-up! It's so beautiful! ! !

  • :0 AMAzIng!


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For Plasters

  • Pretty boi

  • that's the tea sis

  • thank you cross! I love it

  • this is beaut-


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  • Wow , what a long dress ,but It fits her well :D ...

  • Cute!!

  • I want a dress like that......

  • Beautiful lol


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qna’s #2

  • I got question, can you give me Huggies too and why did you start drawing?

  • Why did you start making characters?

  • 1- what does koko think of scary crime dads- 2- how come astro looks so much like oli and arty? (no I'm not giving up the conspiracy ever)

  • kiwi has question- can i get a hug to?:) and how did Apollo and Andro come to exist ;-;


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Some qna’s lol

  • I got question, can I get Huggies and why did you start drawing

  • can I give you a cup of boba tea?

  • If this is a QnA thing I hav a question. Wut are Apollo and andro’s fav colours?

  • Cool!!


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Anyone want a sea bunny?

  • I found the animals lol the sea bunnies look just like them

  • I actually have a sea bunny oc her name is Casside Bunny or C. Bunny for short

  • aawww me to but their so cute(*^^*)

  • Aww... I'm missed adopting the sea bun buns


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SuRf BoI

  • I wish I could do the background thing, but my tablet's picture taking abilities are BAD

  • cute boiiiiiiiiiiiii

  • Awesome drawing!!

  • hey criss cross. just wanted to say thanks for being my friend.


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Caspian Pacifico

  • :O He looks similar to my adopt I got!

  • Sooooo cuuuuuuuuuuutttttttteeeeeee

  • Thank you!! I have the cutest idea!!

  • > Mizu_23 You can draw him if you’d like to :0


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Space girls

  • > CrossOut Omg look at the lil beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeans!!!!! They're so cute!!!!!!!!! Thank you! This is so freaking cute!!!!!!

  • squad

  • > CrossOut Awh yh that’d be cute lol

  • > NightRain (was frozen) Aw nice, space squad lol


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“Well done Cross-“

  • I be willing to help Cross if she needs any help

  • > CrossOut ohm okey :)

  • poor little oli :<

  • > ¡PG Ørlandø, Flørida!◢◤ It’s canon for StarCross but it’s not a comic part for their backstory (fully) :0 It’s just something to poke fun at, at how they looked in the past throughout the years lol


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Skele-adopts!! (closed)

  • Like when u do adopts they are like the best adopts and i-i mised it ;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;-;

  • > CrossOut o i didnt know you could do that- :00 Hmm makes sense. *nods* ty! ^^

  • > Lemon Yikes I’m sorry :/ You can always message me to reserve one the next time adopts come around? The only tips I can give out (depending on theme) is to look for unique ideas? Or if it’s a common idea, think of adding something that makes it more special to you? :0

  • im so sad i missed this... i couldn't even comment when i was here an hour after smh. But i spose the people who got adopts will probably have more time on their hands to draw em \( )/ Hey do you have any tips for character design? Yours are always 10/10 and i always love a few. :0 (Nebula aurura and leilani i mean woah)

Multiple illustrations uploaded2


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a ronin

  • furby

  • Dang It ! I don't be able to get an adopt. It'll be too late for me to be up ;-;

  • I will be watching for those adopts ;)

  • Oh gosh, I'm scared I'll miss 'em lol


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  • Congratulations Cross Out (☆▽☆)

  • 3000 followers! guys we're 3000! WOOOOOW congrats!

  • 🎉Congrats cross on your 3000 followers that's alot 🎉

  • woah hey congrats! :D alsocursedartsoundsinteresting


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Resonance43: part 1

  • also if people really want to join so bad why don't you just host a cameo project and peeps can join that till your not accepting anymore

  • in the disc who speaking at the end :/

  • wait wait wait- when did they (they= others ) make starcross characters? and if i can still,can i make one?

  • > CrossOut Thank you! ^^


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samurai 2.0

  • Cool drawing, I like the colors!!

  • This is so freaking good!!!!!! I wonder what Apollo would look like as a samurai :00


  • chad


Illustrations has been published.


  • Ok thank you :D

  • > Lil angel 1. Thanks you! ^^” and sure! If you’d like to draw me? :0

  • May I draw you Cross?

  • Its so cool ! Now I know why Im not popular xD


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Class schmoodles

  • One does not simply walk into Mordor


  • pooble

  • p o o b l e Cross


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For Maehem

  • > CrossOut Cinnabun: *entire scarf is covered in cactus spikes cuz she tried to protect the cactus* 😳

  • My heart...when I saw this, I choked on my kapri sun, this is awsome!

  • > DreamiiKuri | Dream mode Ye s hugs lol

  • *carries cactus away* Dude u hurt the cactus he said he don’t appreciate being l e a n e d on


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For mint mochi

  • > mint mochi He adorable :3

  • > ¡PG Ørlandø, Flørida!◢◤ yh he lossed his arms and also just because he is a nice version of a human creeper ha

  • A R M L E S S

  • Aw pog bbs


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For FoxyGri12

  • Hi do you mind doing a request for me?

  • Awesome drawing!!

  • FireStar for life!

  • So cute💕


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Marine Siblings

  • This is kwet.

  • oml i never realized Cross had a siblING-


  • ok otters are my favourite animals ever-